Idril Stormborn

User: Natalie
Race: Stormsoul Genasi
Gender: Female
Role: Defender
Class: Stormwarden
Idril has purple skin with pastel yellow "veins" that resemble lightning bolts. Her hair is the same shade of yellow as the veins, but looks more like crystals growing out of her head than hair. Since she looks radically different than everyone else, she normally wears a cloak to cover all of her skin and hair that she can. She looks about 15 years old.

Idril is usually quiet and naive, being so young and inexperienced. However, she is also optimistic.
Idril was a slave for as long as she could remember. Since genasi are so uncommon, she was nothing more than an exotic pet to her owners and was brought out to impress important guests, but was kept confined when no one was around to impress. She was more often neglected than beaten. Most of the other slaves resented her since she wasn't beaten, but the house slave who brought her food didn't and could probably considered the closest thing to a friend she had.

She escaped when she was 15, which was when her powers started to show.