Misha Tay

"I... I... I got this guys!"
User: Spencer
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Magus/2
Name: Misha Tay
Alias: Voodoo Chick
Age: 18
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red
Tattoo: A bunny printed on the back of her right hand. (Sword hand)
Interests: Juju magic, Adventuring, Rope Escape, Art of Swordplay
Weaponry: Cutlass, Rapier, Sea-Knife, Underwater Crossbow
Misha is the only daughter of Flintus Tay, a renowned ship maker and merchant in the Shackles. Her mother died during childbirth. When she was ten, Misha was captured by Kuru cannibals, what was supposed to be a quick landing break from a long voyage quickly turned into a bloodbath, a few of her father’s crews were killed in the event. As her father and the rest of his men searches for Misha in the forest near where their boat was landed, young Misha was tied up and ready to be eaten. Seeing the big cauldron of boiling water, she wiggled and jiggled while the cannibals were dancing to their gods, and got free of the rope that bound her and escaped the ordeal.

During her early teens, her father had been teaching her the art of sailing and ship crafting, while Misha was more interested in running around the markets and taverns listening to sailors and bards telling the stories of great adventures. Ever since her father’s passing a year ago, Misha Tay had been traveling from town to town, settlement to settlement, seeking for ways to improve her Juju knowledge, something she picked up from her servants who served her family. They had all these voodoo dolls named after the men and women who’ve wronged them, and stick needles in them for revenge. At first Misha found it funny and just thought of it as child’s play, she soon realised that Juju magic does exists and decided she rather learn Juju than to build ships.

By chance, Misha met Sam Stryker, a traveling explorer at a tavern during her journey, and shared their common interests in Juju knowledge and exploration, they decided to take a ship to north of Sargava, and boarded the Rahadoumi merchant vessel named The Man's Promise...
Class: Juju Magi
Archetype: Hexcraft/Blackblade
Religion: Besmara
Traits: Narrow Escape, Deft Dodger
Flaws: Speech Impediment

Appraise +8
Craft(Ship) +8
Craft(Carpentry) +8
Knowledge(Arcana) +8
Knowledge(Dungeon) +8
Knowledge(Engineering) +5
Knowledge(Geography) +5
Knowledge(History) +5
Knowledge(Local) +5
Knowledge(Nature) +5
Knowledge(Nobles) +5
Knowledge(Planes) +8
Knowledge(Religion) +9
Linguistics +8
Preform(dance) +4
Perform(oratory) +3
Profession(Sailor) +4
Spellcraft +8