Erif Woldenbow

"Suffering is in our nature."
User: Sam
Campaign: Waterdeep
Race: Wild Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Druid/5
Erif certainly looks the part. He dresses in the colors of his forest. He rarely bathes, but he slathers his body with the oils of plants and always seems to smell a bit like a combination of jasmine, mint and a sewer.

Erif is of average height and weight. He wears his hair long and unkempt. He has burn scars that run the length of his arms and across his upper back and chest... with a few tendrils going up his neck.

Erif was born into a the Cold Crow band of wild elves that lived on the outside edges of The Werewood. When the lycanthrope kingdom rose up, they thought their good relations with the creatures would keep them safe. They were wrong.

Since his escape, Erif has since met other wild elves that found safety in Baldur's Gate. A couple from his band. He can't look them in the eye, and he tries to avoid them when we can. How to explain how he escaped alone... he can't.
Erif has a spellscar. It first manifested when he was trying to escape the wolves. It is the cause for his scarring, but it did leave him with a powerful weapon to strike back against the wolves that he blames for the deaths of his loved ones.