Durim, son of Flói

User: EP
Gender: Male
Like all dwarves, Durim is crafty and delights in fine stonework. He feels at home in the dark, subterranean tunnels he grew up in.

As a fourth son, he was not called upon to lead and traveled often, delivering wares and gifts to other clans. Thanks to that enforced worldliness, Durim is more comfortable around other races than a typical dwarf might be.

Durim's eldest brother taught him to always judge others by their deeds, not their words. He trusts his gut intuition more than anything, and is suspicious of those who have not yet earned his trust.

Durim's three elder brothers were killed in the Battle of the Five Armies when he was away in Ered Luin. Fraught with grief, he has vowed to slay every last Orc in Middle-Earth so that his vengeance might be slaked.
Durim's great, great grandfather was Borin, brother of Dáin (I), the Last King of Durin's Folk. Which coincidentally means he is Gimli's third cousin.