"Good things happen when you meet strangers."
User: Unseen
Race: Mortal
Gender: Male
Role: Other
William has a narrow face and medium-length, wiry black hair. He is short in stature, about 5’2” and has a youthful appearance. William is humbled and obviously overcompensating for one thing or another (his short stature, how his boyish looks cause so many to not take him seriously, the gaping hole in his peer group sociability, the fact that he feels nearly useless outside of music, etc.) His deep baritone voice is the only thing that brings pause to people and gives them a reason to treat him as anything other than a child... that is, when his voice isn't hilariously cracking.

William is a Japanese American, the pride and joy of the influential Mashiro family attending The Juilliard School. He receives everything he ever wants, at the cost of academic expectations, musical pursuits, and Judo trophies. The hardest of these requirements has always been the trophies has William doesn't really care for grappling and only does so because of his fathers enthusiasm for it. Lately however, William has left judo behind now that he's moved closer to college and out of his fathers house.

This freedom is a double edge sword in a way. Now that he's out on his own, his parents have moved back to Japan and only return for Summer and special occasions.
When he's not going to class or sleeping in his room, William can be found wandering campus grounds, haunting local music stores, concert halls or cafes around town. He is often a night owl, and tends to look for out-of-the-way places to study or write down his own original musical composition.

William is roommates with a coronary intern named Charles Manning and between their combined wealth, they maintain a lofty apartment. However neat and clean it might appear upon first entering said apartment, it becomes clear that there is an artist living here when William starts to play one of his instruments (which is a lot.) His room is also the only messy room in the apartment, with a type of organized chaos composed of loss sheet music, toys (gyroscope, rubix cubes, etc) unfolded laundry, and instruments free from their cases... which are also laying about.



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