Ave Weaver

"Dreams in life, regrets in death."
User: BlackjackOwl
Campaign: World of Tristaan
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Summoner/1
Ragged and weather stained from spending the past twenty years either in the wilderness or any friendly camp she came across, her clothing is a mismatch of soiled styles ill-fitted to her thin frame. Items of note are her hand made wooden mask and Sven's Fiddle, both warped and nearly destroyed by the elements.

Her Eidolon, Lonia, takes the form of a great serpent.
Hellsent and orphaned, was taken in by a travelling priest who named her and took her in on his travels preaching the word of Avelonia to the goblins. When he was killed for trying to protect the goblins, Ave took her chances in the wilderness rather than return to hell. A bard, Sven the Magnificent, taught her the fiddle. When he died due to an arrow through the chest, Ave played him a song and her powers manifested, synchronizing with a vision of Avelonia and the queen. Convinced that the Queen had made a mockery of Avelonia's world, she decided it was her divine duty to end the Queen's life and return her to the cycle of life and death. A squad of guards later found her and brought her to become a Queen's Chosen rather than putting a fresh summoner in jail.