Sir Glenn

"This is our Swamp.... I will Defend it."
User: Cyd
Campaign: ShatStar
Race: Grippli
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Hospitaler/13th
Glenn stands just over three feet tall and tends to wear his Dark Green Cloak proudly and wields the Blade of his people, a gift from the Dwarves of the Five King Mountains.
He is somewhat humble when speaking of himself, and is vary protective of those he calls friends.

Character Sheet
Glenn is a member of the Iron Shirt Tribe. The tribe had given aid to a group of dwarves as they fought the Orcs near their home. For this the dwarves gifted the the Tribe with goods that were to be sold to a halfling village. The item that most received was a Chainshirt, earning the Tribe it's new name. the eldest warriors were also given a sword which have been handed down to the greatest warriors of the Tribe. A score ago the pathfinders came to the shores of Swampton, in search of a powerful Artifacts that were hidden deep in the Swamp. The Items they sought were protected by the Grippli, and so it looked as if the Grippli would go to war to protect them. But some of these Pathfinders were not so quick to take up arms against the Grippli. One who called herself Ollysta Zadrian, made a deal with the Tribes, that the Pathfinders would be allowed to study the artifacts, within there Holy place, the term where long but as part of the deal, the Pathfinders would have to help defend Swampton from there enemies, and Swampton would have to send one of there Bravest warriors to be a Pathfinder. The Iron Shirt tribe stepped up as they would be the most equipped to fit the needs of the Pathfinders. Though Glenn would love to go back to his swamp and play his banjo, his sense of duty,is strong and he knows that his quests for the Pathfinders will keep his people save, and he will do it to the best of his abilities.