Rajlyn Wagglefoot

"Oh, you guys dropped this back there, luckily I was here to pick it up for you."
User: Matt
Campaign: ShatStar
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Ninja/1
When you can see Rajlyn, he is a short charming looking halfling. He can often pass as a young human child if he desires. He has sandy blonde hair and green eyes that sparkle when he smiles. He's about two and a half feet tall, around 40 lbs. He dresses in bright drab when traversing the city, and in dark clothes when going dungeon diving.
I never knew my parents. I grew up in your standard Magnimar Orphanage. It was a nice place, but boring as heck. Once in a while we'd get an orphan from these people who would come "Pathfinders". The other orphans and myself would try and get them to tell us stories when they came, because we were awfully bored there in the orphanage. We heard about tunnels under the city of Magnimar that spread for miles, about fighting goblins, and finding lost artifacts, some 100's of years old. It was always so enchanting, and we would run around with sticks acting like we were pathfinders sneaking through the sewers and battling the denizens of the underdark.

My days were spent in boring studies. Learning about all the day to day stuff they teach you. I'd often day dream about going out into the world and saving the day, and becoming a hero like a pathfinder. Still, I learned some valuable academics, and was even able to pick up a few extra languages along the way. All in all skills any new Pathfinder would want. As I learned more, and heard more stories, I realized I had to increase my knowledge and skills to survive in the world out there. I started paying much more attention in my studies, and practicing hiding and climbing, and even card tricks.

One day, around my tenth namesday, a pathfinder came by to drop off another orphan. The pathfinders name was Sheila Heidemarch. As usual all the children ran over and asked to be told a story. I, while very excited, tried to carry myself with a little more dignity, so didn't rush over. I was really dying that she'd tell us a story, but I didn't want to show it, I was going to be a hero after all.

She agreed to tell us a story and we all gathered around. She started telling us a story of a group of pathfinders that wandered far underneath the city of Magnimar. It was 2 humans, a dwarf and and two halflings. I perked up even more upon hearing this, and paid extra close attention. The two halflings were Karen and Naglinar Wagglefoot, a husband and wife. I was excited, real halfling pathfinder heroes. I heard about how they delved the dungeons deep and fought their way to an ancient artifact. They were taking casualties on the way down and back up, and only the Dwarf Pittledwort made it back to tell the tale. He had succeeded in his quest because of his allies. Sheila gazed very hard at me as she told the story, seeming to pay more attention to me than anyone else. I knew she was telling me it was my destiny to become a pathfinder.

That evening, I couldn't sleep at all. I was so excited that I knew I was meant to be a pathfinder, and that Sheila Heidemarch, a venture captain, believed in me! That night I knew I was leaving the orphanage for good. I wasn't sure what I was going to do, but damn it I was gonna do it. That week I made provisions, storing food and clothes in hiding, and even pocketing a couple gold I could pick up off the regular caretakers. I felt confident in my ability to survive, and as I scaled the wall in the middle of the night, with my little bag of goods, I was excited to hit the world.

I had only been outside the orphanage on a few occasions, and only with the caretakers at the orphanage. As I made my way into the night air, I felt as if the world was mine...boy was I in for an awakening. I made way through the night, and looked for a place to go, or something to do. After talking with a few nice kids, I ended up in a bar, the Rusty Nail(rename if appropriate bar in Magnimar). I went and sat at the counter, and started drinking some Ales. Everyone started laughing when they saw me drinking and getting drunk. I thought I was really popular and that everyone was having a good time. I don't remember passing out, my last memory was dancing on a nearby table singing a jig.

The next morning I woke up to a rumbling tummy and a pounding head. As I looked up I was in an alley, just a few blocks from the Rusty Nail. As I grasped my head I reached for my pouch, and found it missing. Oh no, that was all my food and money...everything I had. Then my tummy rumbled again. I knew I was in trouble, but what I really knew was that I was hungry. I decided I had to make this work and I wasn't going to return to the orphanage with my tail between my legs. So, I did what any good pathfinder would do....I stole!

I started off with some quick sleight of hands off of some shop keepers stalls. I was pretty good, only having to run from people twice in my first several months, every time for which I got away. I found pockets in a busy marketplace where ripe with gold and other valuables that could help me live a normal life. Inside of a week, I was living large again, this time staying away from the drink. I stayed at one of the nicest Inn's in the Magnimar, the XXXXXXx, where I spent my nights chatting with locals, listening to the bards sing or tell stories, and occasionally picking up a few more gold.

I learned some swindling techniques too. I learned of fools gold, and could often trade it for more than a few silver. Playing off my childlike innocence, people would trust me to watch their possessions, and they would become mine and I would disappear. I was almost as sly with my tongue as with my hand, and was able to talk my way into many of the finer things in life, and I thoroughly enjoyed haggling.

During this time I slowly came to realize that there were a few sets of people, and that they lived differently. I learned of the nobles and the affluently rich, and how they gained their money on the backs of others. I learned of the poor and dissident, and about how they had a hard time making it. As these things came to me, I realized I just kind of took from everyone. As I learned this I vowed to only take what I wanted from the rich for now on. I felt horrible about all the times I had swindled a poor lad, probably out to spend the families only money for that nights meal. At this point I vowed to only steal from the wealthy, and to help contribute a portion back to the poor. I lived off the pockets and stores of the rich for a while, always making sure a portion of it made its way mysteriously into a families emergency fund, or a goodly church coffer.

I lived well for the next few years. I even ran into my old caretaker from the orphanage. She tried to get me to come back, but I told her I had started working for a rich merchant and showed off my goods. She was very impressed and told me she'd welcome me back with open arms, but said that if I was doing so well out here, I should learn the real world now. I eavesdropped on the orphanage the next few days, and caught whispers of her bragging about how wonderful I was doing. She ate it hook line and sinker. I smiled to myself and left the orphanage again.

Around the time I was 15, I started getting more brazen and greedy. Although I lived like a lesser noble, this just wasn't enough for me anymore. I decided it was time to start going bigger. And so it began, I started breaking and entering. Rich shop keeps and corrupt nobles were my targets, and with my eye for detail I was usually able to get the priciest golden statue, and a pocket full of jewelry. I kept getting more and more money, and my tithing continued as I gave back to the communities. As the amount I gave kept going up, I got kind of a reputation as a savior to the poorer folk of Magnimar, and they slowly became my allies. Which was good, because the heat started raising as I got riskier. There were a few times where the people in the slums shielded me from the guards, or a shop keep forgot who had pawned him that golden statue for fear of the reprisal from the common folk. As this continued, I got and spread more wealth, but had to go more and more underground.

Finally, around 18 my greed spread to deep, and I was caught in the middle of a heist. Luckily, I was relatively clean, so they were only able to pin about a half dozen of my heists back on me, but that was going to be enough. They were going to lock me up for a long time. I don't know what came over me, perhaps it was just fate, but I said they needed to fetch my Matron Sheila Heidemarch. The guards got somber at this, and they talked for a moment. Two of them actually left while the rest dragged me to jail.

Several hours went by before I saw Miss Heidemarch enter the damp dungeons and approach my cell, flanked by two guards. She didn't even look at me when she spoke "release him into my custody, and keep him cuffed, if he's as bad as you say he shall stay that way for a while." I looked down in shame as she led me off and through the streets. Of course, being me it didn't take long before I started piping up "Where you taking me?" "Thank You" "So why'd you come get me." Finally she snapped at me "Listen here, what you've been doing is despicable, if it wasn't for your parents I'd have left you to rot in there, but I owe them much."

Well, this was too much for me, and I broke down in tears. She basically dragged me through the streets still chained to the Pathfinder Lodge. She drug me through there with me still balling and lead me to a room. In there she calmed me down, and we talked. We talked for the rest of the night and into the next morning. I told her how I left the orphanage after she had told that story, and how I had been robbed. I came clean with everything that had happened. She listened intently, probably sizing me up and listening for deceit, but there was none. I told her how I left with the intention of becoming a pathfinder, and she soaked it all in. She told me that if I wanted to be a pathfinder I would have to act like it, and that she would bring me in on the rungs. She let me know that after one year she would make me a Pathfinder. Nothing else was said about my parents that night, and I knew better than to ask.

The next year, I was more or less a servant to the lodge. My days were busily spent cleaning, mucking stables, cooking food and any other number of household chores. I attended classes every day, from sparring to history, and was able to soak in much knowledge. The older pathfinders were extremely kind to me, almost as if there was a slight reverence, and I spoke with them often. I became close friends with a dwarf named Gaglinar, who was especially kind to me. I could tell they were keeping something from me, but I dared not ask, assuming all would be revealed to me in due time.

Around the end of my year, the society put me through a series of tests on my aptitude. They determined that I was best suited for field work, and subterfuge and espionage. I finished out my year of probation in peace, and finally the shackles were removed from me. Miss Heidemarch lead me into that first room where we met, and Gaglinar was in that room.

They sat me down, and we began to talk. Gaglinar introduced himself with his full name Gaglinar Pittledwort. My eyes lit up instantly with recognition, this was the sole survivor of the expedition deep under Magnimar with the halfling pathfinders, Karen and Naglinar Wagglefoot. They revealed to me that they knew the two of them, and that they knew me as a baby. I understood immediately, but they confirmed it by letting them know that they were my parents. I was overjoyed and heart broken at the same time. Sheila told me about how she begged Karen not to go, that one parent should stay behind, but my mother insisted on accompanying the expedition. I learned the two of them always worked in pairs, my father a master of espionage, and my mother a sorceress. Gaglinar told me all about the epic journey underground and about how he had lost the party along the way. It was revealed that when he last saw my parents they were alive, but he insisted it was highly unlikely that they had survived the chaos as they fought back the hoard, allowing Gaglinar to escape.

The two of them told me many stories of my parents, stories of before that time. And of how much they had loved me. As they came to the end, I made up my mind. I, like my parents was to be a Pathfinder. I told them that, and I told them I would help accompany a group in the under belly of Magniamr, because even with a small chance of their survival, it was my job to try and seek out my family. Sheila accepted me into the Pathfinder Society, and we began making preparations and joining me with an appropriate team of pathfinders....
Aid the Pathfinder Society
Find Parents
Aid the Poor of Magnimar

-What brought you to the Pathfinder Society?
Rajlyn was a wannabe pathfinder since youth, and upon finding out about his parents being pathfinders, he has fully committed to them.

-What is the thing/person you love
Fame, money and lifestyle.

-Who wants to kill you
Hmmm, based off back story an as of yet unknown noble who figures(rightfully so) that I stole something of great value from him.

-What is your character fearful of
Parents are already dead.
That he may let the society down.

Karen and Naglinar Wagglefoot (Quite possibly dead)

Gaglinar Pittledwort (Dwarf)
Mistress Anita (Largely responsible for raising in orphanage)
Bobby Baubilon (Innkeeper at the Bar/Inn I frequented)
Sheila Heidemarch (PFS Member)