Graylok Stormgood

"The Soul of Our Clan can be found in the Skill of it's Craftsmanship"
User: Cyd
Campaign: Lass' Kingmaker
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Fighter/7
Gralok is 4'2" with Blue eyes and a Red Beard. He is found in his Suroat that marks him as the Warden, when not on missions for the state or filling his duties as leader of the City Watch, he can be found in his Smithy. if seen here he is most likely to be wearing his Great Kilt and thick leather apron, crafting at the forge and chanting the songs of the his Clan
Character Sheet
Love isn't one of the things that people think of when discussing dwarves. Most would say that Dwarves are to worried with Crafting, Mining, and Fighting to put much stock in Love. But to some dwarves, love is very important, Graylok Stormgood is one of those Dwarves. He found love in an unintended place, the Stormgood Forge. When Agna, the daughter of Rirere Highbolt, came to Stormgood Forge, she wanted to have a battleaxe made for her father to commemorate his promotion to the high Council of Highhelm. When she entered the Forge the only Smith there at the time was Graylok, the young Dwarf fell in love with her the moment he saw her. Knowing that she would not be impressed with his speech or his appearance, he took her order and set to work. Eight months later when the ax was ready, he went to deliver it to her at Highbolt Keep. Unbeknownst to Graylok this was the day that Rirere had planned a feast to find a for suitors for his daughter. When he arrived the servant thought him a suitor bearing a gifts and was sat in the long hall. During the meal, the suitors formed a line to present their gifts to Agna. Graylok presented the weapon to Anga. The Ax was made of Mithral, and many were impressed with the craftsmanship. Graylok also presented her with a pair of Mithral bracelets that he had Crafted in his spare time and professed his love for her. Seeing the effort and care he had put in to the three items, and looking at all of the gifts the other suitors had given, she chose him. For he worked hard, and given more of him self then any of the other suitors. The Stormgood clan has always been hard working, but has never been a very prestigious clan. So when Rirere learned of his daughter's choice, he was furious and sought to remove Graylok from the picture. Rirere said he would never let Agna marry Graylok, unless he proved himself worthy. Graylok went to make a name for himself in Brevoy. He joined an expedition to the Stolen Lands in hopes that it would give him notoriety. But when his party ran afoul the Stag Lord they didn't fare well. Graylok stood against the Stag Lord alone to allow his allies to escape. He was tied and was to be fed to the Stag Lord monstrous pet. Dovan had come to take him to the owlbear when the smell of smoke and the call of fire, forcing Dovan to leave Graylok in the cellar. As the sound of the fight raged on, Graylok began to break his bonds and was close to freeing himself when the sounds of battle started to die down. A human in studded leather opened the cellar door and was shocked by the sight of Graylok bound and gagged; he freed the dwarf and introduced himself as Aero, Inquisitor of Iomedae. Since that time Graylok has found proof that the Stolen Land are the Ancestral Home of the Stormgood Clan, is working to establish a home there for his dwarven brothers. Graylok has proved himself a capable warrior. With the his discovery of the Mithral Mines of Oin and his Leadership of the Ranthor City Watch, Rirere will soon be forced to give his daughter's hand to the Dwarf who won her hart.