Anamis Black

"“Its not that I’ve stopped caring, I see your suffering.. its just that this world has no place for weak people.”"
User: Corp
Campaign: Dark Sun: Rising
Race: Tiefling
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Hexblade/6 oh yeah!
Anamis Black is a tall thin figure, with a hearty frame. His posture is solid, almost borderline ridged from his years of mercenary work. His cloths and equipment are well maintained despite the climate, due to ritualistic cleaning and nightly checks. He is Tiefling but shares strange characteristics that others do not. His skin is unnaturally pale like that of bleached bone. His eyes are a deep red, with horns, hair, and nails as black as coal. He normally travels cloaked, hood up, with his tale wrapped around his midsection like a belt. The massive blackened leather travel cloak does a decent job of shielding his appearance, but it is hard to hide those horns.
Anamis Black’s tale is a simple one, that of survival and subjugation. The sands and cities of this land are brutal, unforgiving, and merciless so in order to stay alive one must adapt. One must conform to their environment or be consumed by it, so it’s almost natural that this desert breeds creatures harsher than its own sands.

Anamis Black “The Pale Devil” ex member of the Red Blades is at a crossroads in his own existence. Every path he has taken in life has ended in ruin. Ill fortune, bad luck, fates beaten down bastard child… whatever you may call it, it is most certainly a curse. A curse given to him at birth, turning his skin as pale as bone, shaping him throughout his life to be merciless.

The crossroads before the Hexblade show him many paths, most ending in his own death. However the road he has chosen to follow is a road traveled by many, the path of the subjugator. Anamis has watched throughout his life as greed, ambition, and betrayal have driven those around him into positions of power. The noble of heart never last long, the weak die, and the rest are tools for someone else’s game. His observations have led him to many truths, but one stands out amongst them. That power can only be taken…. and that is exactly what he plans to do.
Anamis Black has bound a devil into his service. He steals its power to further his own goals.

The devil named Byblios has marked the inside palm of Anamis's right hand. This symobl is in the shape of an single lifelike eye which is a conduit for the devils power. The unblinking black ink pars his white flesh, and is easily seen unless covered.
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