User: Briar
Race: Human (Half-Skraeling)
Gender: Female
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Druid/2

Born in the prestigious city of Absalom, Professor Ladwite Mirkhall was an archaeologist of only small renown and even smaller purse. He and his wife, a Varisian woman named Eraveth, spent much of their early life together living under a leaky thatched roof and making due with what they had. Luckily for the two of them, Eraveth had skills of her own, and where their pockets could not reach, her dainty fingers could. That, and her cooking was second to few.

After more than eight years together, the two of them finally gave birth to a son, Phelagus, and could not have been happier. But with the new addition came a new set of expenses. And when Eraveth again became pregnant, the two became desperate.

With his beloved wife two months pregnant, Ladwite took his wife's 'duties' upon himself. But in the end, he could not compete with Eraveth's subtle knack for avoiding the wrong crowd, and Ladwite eventually stole from the wrong noble.

It began with notes on his door and escalated quickly thereafter until one day, Eraveth came home from the market to find their house door broken in and the inside trashed. Taking what little they had left, Ladwite and Eraveth fled the city with their son, and ran until they reached Westcrown.

With nothing but a few gold to his name, Ladwite could not bear the stress any longer, and gorged himself in the creature. Though a poor life choice, it turned out it was just what the archaeologist needed. While he was drowning his sorrows, he overheard a band of adventurers talking about some sort of expedition being mounted by the Pathfinder Society and how they were in search of specialists.

With no coin and no future as long as he remained within spitting distance of Absalom, Ludwite signed on to the expedition. Taking his family across the long seas, they landed on the shores of Arcadia with fifty strong. And on their third day there, Erevath bore her second child; a daughter, whom they named Taern.