The Journal of Rook Hargrave

Campaign: Greyhawk Wars

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Song of the Harpies
We were about halfway across the desert, on our way to the Great Pass, when we spotted a patrol several hundred feet away. We could see about twenty gnolls and several harpies. We didn't have much time to prepare; I went off to the right to hide and flank while the wizard turned himself invisible.

The winged creatures flew ahead of their comrades and screeched their terrible song. I resisted their call, but I turned to see that our cleric had not been so fortunate. He began walking toward the patrol as if in a daze. The mage wasn't launching any spells, so I feared that he, too, had succumbed.

The newly-arrived Havok got back on his horse and put some distance between himself and the harpies. I wished I could be so lucky; it was only a matter of time before the other two tried to lull me in with their horrid voices. All the while, the gnolls came closer and closer, hustling triple-time as they readied their bows.

The two other harpies flew overhead, both of them singing. That's all I remember for a while, so I must have fallen prey to their song. When I awoke, I was right in the middle of the patrol! Two more harpies and an enemy wizard had appeared at some point and were attacking with all their might.

But half the gnolls were dead (courtesy of a fireball from the awakened mage), and Havok was busy carving through the others with his impressive combat maneuvers. He cut down the evil wizard in a flurry of steel.

I did the same to the gnolls, unleashing my spring attack, dodging around the battlefield while the mage and cleric struck down the harpies with their spells. Before we knew it, four of the five harpies were dead, most of the gnolls were slain, and the few survivors were beating a hasty retreat.
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