"May the wind be at our backs."
User: Bill Carter
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Fighter (2), Rogue (3), Dread Pirate (1)/6
Sephiroth stands at six feet tall and weights 175 pounds. He wears a worn blue naval officer's jacket over his mithril shirt and carries a finely engraved and filigreed rapier. He has short, roughly cut black hair and blue eyes.
Sephiroth grew up on the docks of Bral, seeing to the needs of the travelers who visited the Rock. Being treated like dirt by the elite and often haughty visitors, including the Elves of the Imperial Navy and the potentates from far-off kingdoms, instilled an ambition within the boy to one day escape his wretched existence and travel among the spheres.

When he was old enough, he signed on as a deckhand on board a weather beaten Hammership and served faithfully for several years. Saving up his wages, he eventually made friends with some other would-be adventurers and as a group they began traveling together.

Their first few ships were small and humble, but soon they had earned enough profit in their exploits to invest in better vessels. They called themselves the Archangel Company and soon earned a reputation for reliability and daring. Sephiroth finally purchased his very own ship of the line, a formidable Squid Ship that he named the Onslaught. Over the past few years, he has used his earnings to continually modify the ship to suit his needs.

After a particularly harrowing mission where Sephiroth and his friends rescued the survivors of the Galleon Starbright, they entered into a partnership with these other men and merged their respective enterprises into the Star Angel Company. They have since purchased a highly-modified Whaleship with which to honor the lucrative contract with a local contractor for iron and titanium ore.

They now have a small fleet which includes Sephiroth's Squid Ship Onslaught, Starwheel Sam's Tradesman Ava Devine, the Hummingbird Envoy, the Whaleship Indomitable, and the Tradesman Reliant.