Raven Kelevra

"In old times, evil would be fought by good but in times like these they must be fought by another kind of evil."
User: Onihanta
Campaign: Age of Mystery
Race: Goliath (Titan Blooded)
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Battlemind/5

"A Red Knight is not allowed to love or hate, for such feelings lead us to failure and defeat. Only the magister's will guides me. I do not judge by right, wrong, good or evil. I do not slay you out of prejudice or vengeance, I do it because it is what I am. Only the magister's will guides me."-The Red Knight's Mantra

Race: Male Goliath
Class: Battlemind

Height: 7'8"
Weight: 300lbs
Build: Large
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Skin Color: Pale
Age: 28

Languages: Krenite, Mulhorandi (Mulani), Thorass, Giant.
Born: Thay
Raised: The Citadel
Alignment: Evil
Immortals: Asmodeus
Factions: The Dread Legion

Player: Kevin P. Kenney

"I have come a long way to find you..."


The Seeker

Hound of Thay

The Red Knight

Red Dog of Thay

The Fallen Phoenix


Weapon: Doombringer


Thay is a dark and forbidding land of windswept mountains and badlands. Thay has the largest population of undead in all Faerûn.



The Plateau of Thay
The First Escarpment
The Second Escarpment


The Wizards' Reach
The Alamber Sea


The Thaymount
The Sunrise Mountains


Lake Thaylambar


The River Lapendrar
River Thay
The River of the Dawn
The River Umbar
The River Thazarim
The Surmarsh


Prior to Szass Tam's elevation to supreme ruler of Thay, the land was ruled by a council of eight powerful mages known as Zulkir, each of whom specialized in a different school of magic. During the chaos of the Spellplague, Szass Tam named himself regent and eventually became the one true power in Thay. The Zulkirs now serve as Szass Tam's vassals.

Tharchions, civil governors of the realm, rule over the various tharchs, or regions of Thay.


These are the eleven regions of Thay, each ruled by a separate tharchion.
* Alaor - ruled by Tharchion Thessaloni Canos
* Delhumide- ruled by Tharchion Invarri Metron
* Eltabbar - ruled by Tharchion Dmitra Flass, also made Zulkir of Illusion somewhere between 1375 DR and1385 DR
* Gauros - ruled by Tharchion Azhir Kren
* Lapendrar - tharchion's position vacant since Hezass Nymar died in 1385 DR affected by the Spellplague
* Priador - tharchion's position vacant since Aznar Thrul was murdered in 1375 DR
* Pyarados - ruled by Tharchion Nymia Focar
* Surthay - ruled by Tharchion Homen Odesseiron
* Thaymount - ruled by Tharchion Pyras Autorian
* Thazalhar - tharchion's position vacant since Milsantos Daramos died in 1382 DR of old age.
* Tyraturos - ruled by Tharchion Dimon, also priest of Bane


The nation relies heavily on slavery, a practice heavily frowned upon by nations throughout the north and northwestern Faerûn. In Thay itself the Zulkirs and other prominent Red Wizards grow rich beyond imagination from this sinister trade. From their strongholds and estates, they use this wealth to constantly scheme and plot the mercantile and military domination of their neighbor nations.


Slavery is a common branch of trade in Thay. Slave markets are restocked with war prisoners, conquered Rashemi or people that are sold into slavery. While folk of Mulan descent remove all body hair (at least on the head) and Rashemi freemen at least clip their hair short, slaves are not allowed to cut their hair at all. They can be easily distinguished by the heavy and filthy mass of hair they wear.

Navy and Seafaring

Thayan vessels are named using magic-related themes such as spells, schools of magic or wizards, such as Alkammar, Black Tentacle, Enchanter or Lightning Bolt.


The nation of Thay came about when a sect, calling itself the Red Wizards, declared its freedom from the god kings of Mulhorand. The sect's center of strength was in the northern provinces where the natives did not have the inbred reverence for the god-kings. After razing the city of Delhumide they declared themselves the free nation of Thay in 922 DR. Since then Mulhorand has had to defend themselves, quite successfully, against two invasions from Thay.

The armies of Thay have marched on Aglarond and Rashemen many times and folk fear that the time will soon come when the Zulkirs mobilize again. On the reverse, few invaders have ever overcome the great mountains girding the Plateau of Thay, and the secretive and suspicious Red Wizards raise barriers just as formidable to discourage travelers from venturing into their lands.

In 1375 DR, Szass Tam set in motion a series of events such as the murder of the zulkirs of Transmutation,Druxus Rhym, and Evocation, Aznar Thrul, crafting an undead army with the atropal, Xingax, from the bodies of slaves and prisoners of war, portraying a failed unauthorized Thayan invasion on a Rashemi town by theTharchions, Azhir Kren and Homen Odesseiron, as a Rashemi invasion onto Thayan soil stopped by the great casualties of Thayan soldiers and his 'timely' rescue of the invading force. All of these actions created a climate of fear within the nation of the Red Wizards and endearing him to the people as a savior that could end the country's woes.

His plot was uncovered by his former confidant Dmitra Flass, who put the puzzle together and alerted the remaining zulkirs, obviously excluding the lich. When Szass Tam proposed to make himself 'temporary regent' to end all the suffering of the nation and crush the undead forces and other such troubles, the five of the six zulkirs voted against his proposition with only Yaphyll, zulkir of Divination, abstaining to vote. Szass Tam immediately had the Order of Necromancy under his control alert the common folk that the beloved hero of Thay had be denied from ending their suffering. Riots erupted in the streets, which he also used to his advantage, taking control over garrison commanders and summoning demons to kill the rioters. The appearance of the Tanar'ri did nothing to behoove the reputation of Nevron's Order of Conjuration, as they believe his servant had summoned the demons to fight. Szass Tam appeared all over the city to quell the fighting, endearing him to the people even more.

Soon afterword, much of the undead force had been destroyed and the nighthaunt and Angel of decay leaders had been obliterated along with much of the Burning Braziers, the later thanks to the rigged magical torches he had given them, Szass Tam openly declared himself ruler of all Thay, thus declaring war against the remaining zulkirs of Thay.
Hell had come to Thay.

Thayans believe that the gods send luck to the strong and resolute, not to the gentle and compassionate.

Red Wizards of Thay

The Red Wizards, formerly known as the Red Wizards of Thay before a coup led by Szass Tam, are an organization of wizards in Faerûn. During their height of power, the Red Wizards were the notorious and nefarious spellcasting ruling class of the inhospitable but well-inhabited country of Thay. Slavers, demonologists, and magical experimenters, the Red Wizards were much feared by most of Faerûn. They constantly schemed to bring down their neighboring nations of Rashemen, where they were thwarted by the equally famed magicians the Witches of Rashemen, Aglarond, where they were turned back by the Simbul of the Seven Sisters, and Mulhorand, where the people of Thay first emigrated from.

The leaders of the Red Wizards, and of Thay, were the eight zulkirs, each for a different school of magic. Chief amongst these, and, indeed, among all Red Wizards was Szass Tam, a powerful archmage and feared lich and now the ruler of Thay and sworn enemy of the Red Wizards who escaped him. Since Szass Tam's takeover, the Red Wizards have transformed enormously, becoming a loosely organized chain of merchant enclaves who specialized in procuring magical items.

The Red Wizards at their height were the enemies of many forces in Toril and received support from demons, devils, and drow. Amongst those who opposed them were the Witches of Rashemen, the Seven Sisters and their allies, the goodly Harpers, and even the Zhentarim, who disliked the Wizards encroaching on their territory.

After another failed attempt at securing Rashemen in 1357 DR, the Red Wizards planned to infiltrate the nations of Faerûn legitimately — in Thayan enclaves which would publicly sell magic items and quietly also traffic drugs, wicked spells, and slaves. Using these they hoped to eventually have strongholds and resulting political infiltration that would make them indispensable and powerful, and eventually get them something along the lines of world domination.
Despite the general distrust and dislike that most felt towards the Red Wizards, the mages were still able to extend their power to almost every corner of the Realms, running their enclaves as planned in towns where slaving was otherwise banned. From here they ran a lucrative business in the trade of magical items, spells and artifacts, making them virtually indispensable to many of their clients, and as such the wizards expanded their sphere of influence ever further.

Red Wizards of Rose Keep, circa 1479 DR.

The coup in Thay changed all this however. Szass Tam's rise to power as the regent of Thay resulted in civil war between himself and the other zulkirs for control. To defeat the zulkirs Szass Tam used the Spellplague to devastate the land, ending the civil war through an even greater disaster. The rebel zulkirs were driven from Thay, as were their followers but the Red Wizards' dark plots came back to haunt them and many of the order's enemies took the opportunity caused by the upheaval to assault the many enclaves the Red Wizards had spread throughout the world.

The final blow to the Red Wizards as they once stood came when the last remaining zulkirs, decades later, interrupted Szass Tam's plot to become a being of godlike power, preventing his ritual from reaching completion. Their efforts cost them their lives but likely saved Faerûn from one of the greatest threats it might have ever faced and prevented Szass Tam from ever attempting the ritual again - at least so long as it was conducted on Thayan soil. For the Red Wizards however, the death of the zulkirs ended what the Red Wizards once had been and gave way for the new order.

The Red Wizards in the end transformed their old enclaves into their homes. What had once been a facade of a purpose, the accumulation of profit through selling magical items, became fact as the Red Wizards' goals transformed entirely. By 1479 DR few individuals associated the name "Red Wizard" with Thay but instead with a loose confederacy of merchant arcanists and those who believed otherwise were, in fact, mistaken.

Many traditions of the old Red Wizards were lost in the transformation and modern Red Wizards don't maintain the same Mulani traditions of shaved heads and tattoos that the old organization did. Most of the Red Wizards are actual wizards, but not all are, and the title of Red Wizard is generally inherited from parent to child, with exceptions in the case of adoption or marriage whereas in the past the Red Wizards were recruited from talented wizards. Red Wizard enclaves are essentially self-run, some by a single individual, others by a small council of wizards. Most of these enclaves are found within the lands bordering the Sea of Fallen Stars and those nations where Red Wizards are found almost certainly have an enclave within their capital city.

Thayan Knight (Red Knight)

While the Red Wizards of Thay are not opposed to blasting their opponents with deadly spells or shredding the minds of their enemies with dark magic, there are times when they need protectors who have mastered the art of swordplay. These protectors are the Thayan knights, familiar with magic and loyal to none but the tattooed mages. The Thayan knights act as bodyguards and enforcers for the Red Wizards. They lead common Thayan troops into battle and help guard the wizard enclaves. Although they are referred to as knights, they have no code of conduct, and the only rule that binds them is that their lives are worth nothing compared to the safety of the Red Wizards. Almost all Thayan knights are fighters, although monks and rangers have been known to pursue this career. Barbarians are typically too reckless to concentrate on defense, and the Red Wizards consider other individuals too weak to perform the duties of a Thayan knight.