Edward Thann

User: Jason
Campaign: Neverwinter
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Cavaliar/2
Edward has dark hair, about shoulder length that is usually tied back into a small tail. The right side of his stomach has scarring that occurred during one of his first tournaments. He should have perhaps died that day, but Edward had fortunate smile on him and has the scars to remind him of it.

His eyes are green and his brow thick. He has a charismatic smile, that he really shows.
Edward Thann is the son of King Gavins's brother Davard Alagondar.. He has grown up a Thann, one of the noble's of Waterdeep. His mother, sister-in-law to the famed king of old, married the son --Tyster Thann-- of Lord Thann. Tyster manipulated Edward's mother and had plans to use her old position for himself, once Neverwinter became a viable kingdom again. He was cruel and manipulative and constantly his father Lord Thann and he would disagree about his actions and unhonorable actions. Tyster did have another son with Edward's mother, but soon afterwards died by stabbing in an brothel incident that has gone unsolved.

After the murder of Tyster, Lord Thann took her and Edward and Edward's half-brother, Ageawy, in. It wasn't long after that when his mother died of spellplague, as well as several other members of the House of Thann. From twelve on, Edward was raised by his adopted grandfather and taught the ways of the Knight. He excelled at sword play and won many local tournaments.

Edward learned of his linage early on, but felt he didn't have the title or skill to live up to his Uncle's reign and has never sought the crown, maintaining his role in the house of Thann.

Nearly a year ago, there was an assassination attempt on his life by a ninja who had be hired to murder the "rightful heir". His master has plans to seek the throne himself, but needs to tie up loose ends first. Since this day, Edward has decided to learn more of his father and uncle of birth and strives to bring back prosperity to the city of Neverwinter. His time has come.

He has now spent the last year seeking more knowledge on his birth family. From visits to historical sources, to guilds, to dungeon exploration. Keeping quiet of his lineage before he can provide proof to the world.