"No, It's beggin' strips!"
User: Tyler
Campaign: Neverwinter
Race: Goliath
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Cleric Warden Hybrid/4
During my early childhood I was raised high in the spine of the world by the Stonefoot Tribe. Life there is harsh and my tribe occasionally migrates to lower altitudes. During one such migration my tribe came into conflict with the Uthgardt tribe of the Grey Wolves. I was too young to remember what happened, but I was taken by the Grey Wolves and raised as one of the pack. I felt the same call of the beast that my pack members did and running under the moon and in the hills we bonded in a way that few others can comprehend.

Recently however, a darkness had begun to spread amongst the pack. The current Gray Wolf leaders have become more vicious and bloodthirsty. The Gray Wolf Uthgardt have always been violent—manifesting the fury of the wolf, after all. However, where we once killed only for sustenance or in defense of our tribal territories, my folk have become raiders as much as hunters. Perhaps the conflict with the Stonefoot was an early sign of these troubling trends.

The Grey Wolves have made an alliance with the Netherese. The Uthgardt originally came from the blood of old Netheril and the lycanthropy that makes the Gray Wolf tribe strong originated in descendants of Netheril, when refugees from fallen Gauntlgrym carried the curse into the tribe. Yet these facts alone would not have been enough to form an alliance had not the pack’s leaders hungered for the glory of which the shadowed ones spoke. They said that just as old blood ties could be remembered, so too could the glory of the Uthgardt be revived. Conquest would achieve that glory, and when the Netherese controlled the North, the Gray Wolf tribe would be the masters of everything else.

One thing I did remember from my childhood with the Stonefoot were stories passed down of terrible Dark Ones who came out of the Stone Home. These Netherese seem to be the Dark Ones told to me, and my pack associating with them provided me with great consternation. Now, my kin fight, kill, and die in the name of motives and goals not their own. Though doing so went against the principles I’d learned from the Wolves, I refused to take up the darkness of this new path. My instincts told me it was right to do so, even as the Gray Wolf leaders cast me out. The tribe called me weak and unworthy, yet I left with my head held high.

I have a new purpose now. I must drive the shadows of Netheril from the North, finding a way to purge my tribe of the unsavory influences of that land. Only when I set the tribe on the right path will I win back my place in it. I remain a creature of the pack, however, and I know I cannot realize my purpose alone. I must find new allies—a temporary pack to replace the one I have lost.
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