The Journal of Philbont Clearwater

Campaign: The Wilder Coast!

Here, does this mean I've been ordained?
Work for the Church Officially now. Only, I think its also supposed to be a secret... The Deacon took me, Pob, Harker and Leonaa (correct me if I'm wrong there) aside and asked us if we would work for the church more directly, if more discretely. This artifact we recovered from the underground altar seems to have got their knickers all in a twist, and they are apparently sending us out to try and recover more of these artifacts now. Details are all a little hazy, even the Deacon seemed a little vague on the details when we talked to him, but I imagine we will sort things out as we go.
The whole situation has certainly gained my interest, and I must admit I am curious to find out what the first artifact was. They are being extremely mealy-mouthed about it all, and I have never been able to resist a secret.
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This Cursed Door again...
'I hope that worked, for the little ones sake. I'd hate to see him turned inside out or lost inbetween somehow. Well, Enough of that, Looks like I have another chance to crack this puzzle. Better get to it.'

Philbont kneels down at the iron wall and continues his search from where he left off last time, checking the stone cobbles of the floor and testing the cracks with his dagger to see if anything looks like it might be a hidden pressure plate or switch.

Behind him, the sounds of growling are now heard, and suddenly an arm appears through the black shroud, followed quickly by the rest of the monster as it starts to thrash at the people blocking it.
Reggie and Jex fight it off, even as two more push through beside it, the mindless beasts going wild in their attempt to reach and rend the fighters, joined shortly by Pob, swinging at the beasts with abandon.

Jex pushes at the three, trying to force them back down the corridor some, but even his great strength barely shifted them as Harker reappears to grab Jaz and pop back out again.

'Thats good, means Gilberts fine if he's back to get another one. Means Gilbert is working this thing from the outside too. I better get into the fight then.'

One of the arms flailing at the three standing in the doorway manages to catch Pob and score a wound, causing Pob to freeze up and be unable to move.
Harker shows up and seeing the trouble Pob is in, Grabs him next and vanishes. Philbont decides that the boys need help and stops working on the door to move his way in between the two larger fighters, where he can strike at the ghouls without breaking the line. striking at them with his newly acquired hammer, Philbont is amazed at how light it is to wield and how much damage it does to the flesh of the enemy in front of him.

'Blimy, Nice hammer this. Knew soon as I saw it was Dwarven I should take it. Hate to think it wasted in the hands of someone who couldn't appreciate it like a true dwarf.'

Hammering and pushing at the hungering dead, the three of them managed to drive them a little further back down the corridor, but holding off the mindless abominations was starting to take its toll on the two larger ones in the group. Scratched and bleeding, the pair of them refuse to give in, at least until Harker shows up and grabs Reg. startled by that, Philbont glanced around himself and realizes that they were nearly home free! everyone else was gone, and now Harker was making the last few trips to pull the party out of the fire.
Popping out again with Reg in tow, Philbont moves quickly to take up the gap left by him and continues to rain hammerblows upon the monsters before they can move into the gap left by the now safe Reg.
Before he had done more than smash one in the face though, Harker is back, and grimly grabs each of them remaining by the shoulders and pops out again...

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That feels better
For the first time since sacrificing himself to help take down the Vrok Philbont felt alive - sodden, but alert and able to process what was going on around him.
Submerging himself in the holy font had been a gamble, but one that paid off - he no longer felt as close to deaths door, indeed he felt invigorated by his dip in the cleansing waters. Feeling a little guilty at alarming his companions with his sudden jump into the pool, Philbont assured them he was fine and everyone turned their attention to the altar in the room.

Things were a bit strange though. Last he remembered clearly he was tying rope round that statue that came alive. Now everyone was in a small temple-room in the depths beneath the temple they had been tasked to destroy, and this Altar was designed to hold something inside...

Cracking open the Altar the group found inside a relic of some sort - something that was covered and bound in seals of gold.
The group decided that it should be returned to the Church of St Cuthbert, that it must be some holy item the temple above was built over to hide... and now that it was uncovered it shouldn't be left exposed where it was found.

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My God, Its that damned L...
Gilbert now, He'll have to make sure these young ones get through this alive.

Now, What happened?

Oh that's right.

The rope. I hope it helped. Last thing I remember is falling hoping that I could pull the damned thing down to the podium. Guess I'll never know now...

<fade to black>[/font]



This can't be the Halls can it? I think I can hear the kids complaining. Surely they wouldn't be here. Not that they aren't nice kids, but the afterlife for a Dwarf wouldn't be the kind of place a human or elven soul would find solace...


Oh, I'm still here. Well, that's unexpected. Looks like we all made it. Surprising, thought the Youngin's would have more trouble with a demon than that. I must have taken more out of it that I realized.
Good girl that priestie is, too. Knew what I was up to there. Might not have worked if she hadn't helped; I was working on a wing and a prayer. Still, don't need to tell them that.
Gods, I'm tired. Think I'll go to sleep now.....
[FONT="Garamond;"><Fade to Black>
By Moradins Saggy Left Testicle! What in the Blazing Hells is that thing? The boys can't touch it with their weapons! I can't... Oh sod it, Take this you sodding black bastard....!

<fade to black... again>
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