Nicholas Marshall

"STOP setting me on fire."
User: Brian
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Fighter/5
Nicholas is a particularly haggard looking fellow. He is not dirty or unkempt, as such; he merely appears like he's had a rough time. All the time. He drinks too much, and fights too much, and as a result has a hard time fitting in with polite society.

He is a grim man with a black humor. He speaks of death as merely one more facet of the bleakness of existence. He has clearly seen too much in his time, and has become jaded thereby. When the horrors of the world haven't reduced him to a gibbering mess, at the least.

In contrast, a brief look at the weapons about his person show a fastidious attention to the care and upkeep of his tools. An exquisitely etched spiked flail rides in a thong on his right hip, opposed by a simple leather scabbard bearing a longsword on his left. The leathers shine with the wax of long use. The metals, fixtures, and fasteners gleam dully with fresh oiling.

A large shield is slung between his shoulders, round with a sweep leading to a thick riveted edge. The surface is enameled, featuring a roaring bear's head (argent) on a field (sable). A thick leather coat and mantle hang off his shoulders down to his boots, providing protection while still allowing him to move about deftly.
Native of Mordent.
Age: 31
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 182
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey
Hand: Right