Sir Palatine Woodthorn Bright

"Sometimes to find the enemy--look in the mirror."
User: jake
Campaign: RIFTS (SAS)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class: Cyber-Knight
Wearing a suit of out-dated MDC armor that looks like its been passed down thru a few generations, Palatine swaddles himself in a deep black cloak when traveling. Keeping the hood up he often wraps his face with a scarf if not wearing his armor helmet. His steel and blue armor eerily compliments his cloaked persona.

A hereditary cyber knight, Sir Palatine was raised by his uncle/mentor and taught the code of the Knights. He has roved as a squire and knight-errant for nearly 2 decades living off the land and defending the weak...not always as they would like. When hunting and dealing with isolated settlements in CS territory, he goes by Woodthorn.

Strapped with hunting knives, Palatine carries a vibro sword on his hip at all times. When hunting he uses a composite short bow or a pump shotgun. The latter of which is often on his motor bike.