"Darksun bitchs!"
User: Ethan
Campaign: Dark Sun: Rising
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Ranger (Hunter)/2
Slender of body, Varis is lithe, and stream lined. He has light green eyes, and darkly tanned skin. Wearing a helm made of the horns of a jackolope, he wears light leather armor, that covers his chest, but allows for full range of motion, specifically designed to allow him a full draw with his bow. He openly carries a longbow, as well as a chactcha. He has a double quiver slung across his back along with a climber's kit slung below the quiver. He carries his bow over one shoulder, with the sheathed chatcha below his double quiver.
Varis was born into a nomadic tribe of elves, and quickly rose as an excellent hunter, under the careful training of his mentor, Rolen. Rolen took great pride in his ability to perceive things, that even he himself could not see.

Upon one fateful day, Varis, and his master Rolen went hunting with a pair of other hunters to gather food for the tribe. They came upon what seemed to be a small Kruthik hive, on the second day of their hunting trip. Working their way around the hive, they tried to make it past without being seen.

Unfortunately, a few misplaced steps led to one of the younger hunters, to fall, and tear up one of his legs, while they were still fairly close to the hive. unable to do anything about the scent of blood in the air, Varis and Rolen tried to bind their fellow hunters wound, and beat a hasty retreat.

About the time that they had the wound bound, the Kruthik found them, and attacked with numbers far greater then would have been possible for the size of the nest they found. The wounded elf, and his partner were caught unawares, and quickly brought down, and consumed. Varis, and Rolen, managed to maintain a fighting retreat, each making skillful shots to save the other again, and again, slowing the kruthik horde behind them.

They made it over a low outcropping of rocks, and were still running when Varis felt an odd sensation. He suddenly felt himself almost violently lifted into the air, and flung upwards at an alarming rate. As he was flung upwards, he was left with a wonderful veiw of Rolen gaping at him for a heartbeat... before a tide of Kruthik overwhelmed him, in a sea of flesh.

Still flying, and unab;e to really control his flight, her continued to rise, and move away from his mentor. This didn't stop him from firing arrow, after arrow into the mass of creatures consuming his mentor.

After landing, and wandering in the desert towards his tribes camp, he succumbed to the effects of sun sickness. Fighting the effects of sun sickness, he made his way back to his tribes camp, to find it entirely devastated by the kruthik. Alone, weary, and suffering from sun sickness, he made his way to the hunters base camp, taking the few survival days that the hunting crew had taken with them, he rested until he recovered from the sun sickness.

Alone, with few supplies, he made his way to a small outpost that his tribe had occasionally sold, and traded hides, meats, and other supplies with, to seek employment from one Hargo Vole, a man that had dealt his tribe a good turn by taking some untaxed items that the tribe "found" in the desert.