User: Gabriel
Campaign: Dark Sun: Rising
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Fighter/5
Crusher received his name after his first bout in the arena. A pack of wild jhakar had been released against a group of neophyte gladiator slaves. One rammed into him, knocking him from his feet and flinging his weapon away. The crowd cheered in anticipation as the jhakar readied to kill him, then cheered all the louder when he reached up and crushed its skull with his bare hands. His old name was soon forgotten.

Unusually large and strong even by the standards of other gladiators, Crusher's brutal fighting style made him popular with the spectators at the Criterion of Balic. However, Crusher began to chafe under a life of slavery, and resolved to win his freedom. During the Blood Games one year he volunteered for a special match: a grand melee between several gladiators, with the sole survivor being granted freedom.

Crusher emerged victorious after a hard-fought battle. He could have continued on as an independent gladiator, but he had had enough of that life. Life outside the arena proved difficult for him, however. He had few skills useful outside of combat, and no desire to make a living as a laborer. He heard of a trading outpost across the Forked Estuary that was hiring mercenary caravan guards, and made his way there to seek his fortune.
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