User: Matt
Campaign: Dark Sun: Rising
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Ardent/7
Standing tall for a human Solaris has only a few features that immediately stand out about him, one is bright light blue eyes, a streak of white within his dark black hair and lines of silver seemingly running all over his body.
Solaris's beginnings are ones not often told, Born to parents Loris (father) and Sola (Mother) both prominent captains in a mercenary group, stationed a day's travel from Tyr, known as the Desert Shields he lived a martial and disciplined life during his child hood, when his parents were away on missions the other senior members of the Desert Shields would take over and ensure he was not without guidance. It was a life that while hard was not filled with wants as the mercenary group was successful in their contracts and his parents being captains ensured they received ample compensation for the duties their respective squads performed. However it was not a life without risk of change as Solaris discovered on his 8th birthday when his mother's squad never returned from what was expected to be a routine caravan escort. The fact that his mother was gone was not a huge change for Solaris, the permanence of her not returning however struck him hard and it was many months before he stopped looking out into the desert hoping for her return. Life continued however and Solaris grew, molded by the trainers that made the Desert Shields strong and successful. He learned combat in many forms and it was shortly after he came of age that he was given captaincy over a squad specialized in combat using Trikals within the organization, the very captaincy his mother had filled when he was a child.

It was around this time that the Desert Shields began to draw attention from a particularly grievous group of raiders in the region. The group, while without name, was not without reputation. They marked their members with unusual runes on their bodies and they were known to possess members within their ranks who openly practiced the act of defiling to fuel their powers and targeted anyone and everyone in the region, including legion patrols. Though numerous attempts had been made to eliminate this group, none had been successful. The only group that seemed to have any luck in their conflicts with these raiders happened to be the Desert Shields, a fact that seemed to incense the raiders and prompt them to be more open and direct in their attacks against the Shields.

It was a relatively calm and simple night when the raiders made a decision to remove the Shields from the region forcibly. A calm and simple night in which they gathered their numbers and made a direct and open assault on the Desert Shield's mercenary compound. Solaris was one of the very few in the compound that was in a state close to combat readiness and was the first to start rallying his fellow mercenaries to fight for their lives. He quickly found himself near the main gate for the compound fighting side by side with his squad members fighting with a ferocity that they never knew before that they possessed. At first glance it looked as though Solaris and his squad had successfully bottlenecked the gate and stymied the flow of raiders through it when one of the raider's defilers made himself known. Using magic that Solaris had never seen before the defiler sundered into pieces several of Solaris's squad. Solaris quickly attempted to have his squad redirect their efforts but was suddenly cut short when the defiler unleashed his next wave of magic. Solaris could do little but brace himself as the magic again overwhelmed his squad. Suddenly unable to breath, Solaris found himself on his hands and knees watching his life bleed from him and what little was left of his squad. It was then that time suddenly seemed to stop. Looking up he suddenly saw standing before him was a being seemingly made of white energy with piercing blue eyes. For reasons unknown to him Solaris had only one thought cross his mind when he looked upon the being, for it to help him. The being looked at him for a moment before seemingly nodding and stepping forward and lifting him up to a standing position. As he was lifted he noticed the being looked him straight in the eyes and spoke directly into Solaris's mind two words; Brace Yourself. It then placed it hand against Solaris's chest and with a flash like lightning it was gone from sight. Solaris suddenly felt energy unlike any he had ever known flood him, his very skin feeling like it was on fire as his wounds knit and mended, the energy building within him until it suddenly felt like he might explode. It was then that time resumed for him. Solaris, still thrown by the experience, suddenly felt his body begin moving, seemingly of its own accord.

The defiler thinking the squad that had been causing so much trouble at the gate was vanquished suddenly found itself blinded by a bright flash of light mere moments before being struck by an attack strong enough to split it in twain, its dying thoughts wondering if perhaps someone had summoned lightning itself to the battlefield. Solaris watched as the dead defiler fell to the ground with amazement and bewilderment not knowing when he had made the decision to act or how he had managed to summon up enough strength to perform such a blow when suddenly in his head he seemingly heard a voice speak in his head "Move Human" Suddenly shocked to reality Solaris looked around and saw much of the raiders nearby looking upon him with outright fear and the few men of his squad standing with seemingly new found strength. Solaris then saw the compound engulfed in flames with part of it completely destroyed beyond recognition and felt a rage consume him the likes of which he never had felt before, it felt so strong to him to almost be palpably radiating out from him and it was in this fury that he threw himself at the nearest raiders and began to strike them with a strength and ferocity that those that did not flee were out right slain.

It was over an hour before the fighting stopped, an hour which proved devastating to the Desert Shields. The attack was overwhelming enough that over 70% of the organizations standing forces were destroyed, more importantly though all but Solaris and handful of other captains within the organization were slain. Faced with such egregious losses and knowing that they could not recover on their own Solaris and talked with his fellow captains, one of which was his father. The captains felt it prudent to quickly gather their wounded and move for Tyr to offer their services and potentially join the city guard or find work with a noble house. It was as they were gathering their wounded that Solaris's father pulled him aside and bade his son to remove his armor so he could examine him for wounds. Solaris nodded and removed his helmet resulting in a minor gasp from his father. Solaris's hair, normally a dark black, was striped with a large white streak and his eyes were now a light blue color. Solaris quickly removed the rest of his armor and his upper coveralls and revealed that his body was now also covered by silvered lines all seemingly connected to a small burn on his chest. It was then that he again heard the voice that had spoke to him during the conflict. I apologize for the changes to your appearance. Joining with you was not seamless it seems.

Solaris has a psionic entity living within him known as Kalinth. The entity itself seems to not much about itself other then it once had a mortal form that was destroyed and that it used to work for Hargo Vole. The entity generally cannot speak with others and will occasionally speak directly to Solaris causing him to occasionally pause and listen to it and take some insight from it. While capable of it, it does not seek to actively control Solaris's body and very rarely makes any attempt to directly control him, preferring instead to wait for moments of extreme duress or strain where it can help steady Solaris or push him when he is about to give up.

When it takes over Solaris, Solaris's eyes and silvered lines visibly glow with Solaris's voice also taking on the sound of two voices speaking at the same time.
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