The Journal of Jorash

Campaign: Age of Mystery

End of a Journey
As my soul leaves this mortal coil, I reflect on the past few days and how they have led to this moment. The monastery, the mountain, the horn. Our group, strange insect like creatures, thousand of vengeful dwarven spirits. I regret nothing that happened, for it happened for a reason. I do wish that my time on this world did not end so quickly, or that I could have done more with the time that I was given. As I lay dying, I hope that my sacrifice will allow the other members of my party to survive. Revealing my ability to shapeshift by taking the form of these creatures, working with another shapeshifter to distract these insects from entering too far into the cave. I even grabbed the fallen body of the other shifter and tore into his shoulder, trying to indimidate these creatures into leaving. All to no avail, they struck me down and I know nothing but darkness. I don't even know the fate of the rest of my party, hiding in the tomb. May my sacrifice bring good fortune to the others.
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It seems that I may come to regret taking on an elven form as my usual disguise. The few times I have been to Forge, it was in the form of a Human and I was never questioned then. This time, the guards proceeded to question me for some length before allowing me into the city. I drifted to the Ivory Gypsy in the northern district, having never been there before. A few of the caravans i've traveled with also recomended this tavern as better then almost all others in the city. They had the usual job board with the usual job notices, "find my child", "find my dog", "i need this item". One stood out amongst all the others though. It might be due to the fact that it was on gilded parchment. I asked the tavern keeper about it and she told me she would let the poster know about the interest. She then demanded I pay for a room and food or leave. She and the other Humans around here don't seem very comfortable around me.

The next morning when I entered the common room, the tavern keeper who now introduced herself as Aluva informed me that there would be a meeting that might interest me in one of the gathering rooms later on this evening. I spent most of the day wandering the streets in the near vicinity of the tavern, watching those that entered or left the tavern so see if I might recognize any of them. Towards the end of the day, a wealthy merchant entered the tavern with four or five guards. I followed them in and up to the gather room.

In the room, seated around a large table was a very assorted group, including another elf and a few of the dragon kin I see every so often. The merchant told us of a family heirloom, a crystaline egg, that had been stolen, and he believed that it was in the tomb of another family. He told us that he had received permission from the city to have a group enter the tomb and retrieve his "egg" from this tomb and bring it back. The reward was to be 200 gold, and he also hinted that his influence could bring us some other...benefits.

Two of the humans announced that they would be forming a party, and that those who wanted to join them could do so. I prefer working alone in wide open spaces, but these tombs could hold countless terrors in close proximity, so I joined with the group. Two humans, one that seemed both human and dwarf, both of the dragon kin, the other elf and one other that I could not place. We decided to leave at first light.

Once inside the tomb, we had a difficult time opening the doors to side crypts since they seemed to be traped. The one human, Dagan, had inspected the far wall and pressed a few symbols. I also pressed some symbols, then headed to one of the rooms that the others had not already forced open. I pulled on the handle of the door...and nothing happened aside from the door opening. The other elf, Elari was also inspecting symbols, so I yelled for her to press another symbol, since they seemed to unlock the doors. We eventually opened all the doors, but could not find the egg. I heard the cleric yell to one of the others not to pilfer the dead bodies in these crypts and I moved back to the center of the chamber to watch and observe the others. That seemed to be a very good idea, since the humans seemed to have noticed movement where there should be no movement. Since everyone seemed to crowd around one side of the pillars, I moved to the other side nearest the wall, and loosed a piece of signal ammunition down towards the opposite wall, hoping to reveal that which was eluding us. The light revealed what seemed to be a half man crouched on the ground near the far pillar. Since he was revealed, the rest of the party proceeded to beat him. Just when we thought he was down, he ran. And ran and ran, much faster than we thought possible.
As he ran, he showed himself to be not a half man, but what appeared to be a Tiefling. I wasn't as sure as I would like to be, since I had only seen a handfull of Tieflings before. Once he was out of the crypt, I heard the rattle of chains and the lock setting in place.

Once the Tiefling fled, one of the dragon kin came out of one of the crypts. He jangled, making me think that he was the one the cleric yelled at to not rob the dead. The human Alexander didn't even give him time to explain, just ran over and hit him once. That one hit killed him

While we were dealing with the Tiefling, the other elf had investigated the other rooms. After leaving the first room, she asked if anyone else could see what was in the center of the tomb. No one else could. She then entered each of the other rooms and was in each for just a few moments. After leaving each room she would look into the center of the tomb and then head to the next crypt. As she did something in the last room, something appeared in the center of the tomb. A disc was 10 feet in the air, and on this disc was the egg we sought. Elari stood up on dagons shoulders and grabbed the egg. As she touched it

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Watch. Observe. Bring Balance where Balance is needed. Words inscribed in ruins I had found in a dense forest. Words that stuck in my mind for days after. Words that made me take a look at the way I lived my life up untill then. Over my life I had made many friends and many enemies. I had lived the life of a prince, and the very next day I had lived the life of the poorest begger. I had taken the face of poor men and made them richer and the face of rich men and made them poorer. Up untill seeing those words, I believed that all I was doing was tricks and fun. Then I realized that I was bringing balance to where it was needed. I spoke to a few scholars and a few priests, to try and get advice and insight to what I had found and what it ment. The priests were of no use, spouting off dribble about the Light and repenting the sins I had commited. But the scholars...they had the information I needed. A few scholars had books nestled deep in their collections that spoke of many gods, not just the Light. These books spoke of gods of good and gods of evil...and gods that sought balance between the two. I left the city shortly after that, taking only my coin and what gear I could carry. I would travel from city to city, town to town, bringing balance where I saw it was needed. I could hunt and gather for myself, and what I couldn't use I could sell or barter. My life had begun anew as one who would seek balance in all.
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