The Journal of Harbek

Campaign: Dark Sun: Rising

An infection of the spirit
Harbek made one last effort to plant the seeds of renewal. He kneeled on one knee, another foot planted firmly, and hands rooted into the corrupted land. He expended his power of wellspring, to root the primal spirit. It took all his concentration, will and even a personal sacrifice of his own primal connection.

Straining to make a lasting mark, he failed to notice what was happening. Harbek had given of himself, and in doing so, had exchanged his own primal spirit with the spirit of this defiled terrain. He jolted out of his meditation, unaware of his blunder. When he closed his eyes to sense how deep he had reached, it dawned on him what he had done.

The subtle black streaks under his skin were the first sign. Harbek felt a distance between himself and his kindred spirit of nature. All the while feeling something familiar. He knew it, but not in this form. It was the sensation of defiling, this time from within.

Harbek struggled to remain upright. He gazed out of the crater, blinded by the light. Stumbling over himself and dragging his axe through the sands, he managed to reach his riding mount. With the last strength he had, he hoisted himself onto the beast. Breathing heavy, he rested before propping his head on the neck of his animal companion. Harbek then made his way out of the crater in hopes of finding the group.
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Ash to Soil; Nature's alchemy
Harbek stood in the crater, braxat corpses motionless next to him. The rush of visceral combat had him focused on slaying his target. He wasn't able to end the defilers, but his trusty companions were there at his side to ensure a quick end. Harbek's heart settled. His eyes scanned the surroundings, and he recalled why he had been thrown into a rage.

The defiling. It had destroyed what little was left of this already-barren land and turned it into, what felt like, a void. It was empty of all. Harbek's slow heartbeats echoed out in the spirit world. His companions' too, at least it seemed they were all there. Malla had a look of disgust, and gazed out towards her goal.

"Malla, I cannot come with you. I have work to do here. I have spent so much time killing the cause, I have forgotten what I have to do to heal the wounds. You won't need me, in person. My spirit will support you from here, and their powers will wain, as their hold on nature does." Harbek uttered those final words before falling silent. He kneeled in the ashes, and begin his meditation. What followed was nature's own method of recycling the dead. Wind began softly sweeping the ashes, insects emerged to eat the decayed material, and the sands started to return to their original form.
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Bloodsworn II
Harbek didn't know what lie beyond the veil of the defilers. Their tangible magic, but also their soul, remained a mystery. It didn't matter to Harbek, one way or the other. His intent was clear. And end. An end to the misery and suffering of both innocents and fools alike. He had been too slow in getting to them, and in the process, allowed it to continue for too long. It's as if he had forgotten what it was first like to fight this war.


Harbek was dumping a bucket-full of coal on the loading platform, when he first saw him. The cackle emanated from beneath a dark hood. The air felt like it thickened for a moment before the burst of ethereal energy. The summoner's allies cried out. Some look surprised, others even had rage in their eyes for the scrawny sorcerer. It didn't matter, the deed was done.

The tar moved, not gushed. In awe of such a rare sight, the real threat was unexpected. Panic took over at first, before the value of their own lives were realized to them. Picks, shovels and pry bars were tools of the trade.

Harbek grabbed a hatchet from the chopping block. Pulling the ropes on the bucket taught, he jumped at the demon-spawn. Side by side with friends he fought. Confidence welled up in the pack of dwarfs fighting with Harbek. The demon was losing size every moment. More so with the fire from the arrow, an not fired from one of the guards. The murderous minion's munition set the dwarfs ablaze too. The coal-rich dust did little to end their agony. Harbek charged the archer, shoving him down into the pit. He looked up to catch the summoner walking out of sight, and started his ascent to find him.


These demons were already ablaze. Harbek pushed with all his might to make room. He would not let himself be distracted by these scorching spawns. His reason for being up here lie ahead. Anamis was already invested, and Harbek couldn't aid. His training was failing him, but his memories were returning to him.

"NOT NOW. NOT EVER." he screamed. Ignoring the last evil ember, he dove through the veil. Summoning all his strength, he knew what was needed. "My life to end yours! Never return to this land..." The essence of the land empowered Harbek to focus his lifespirit into the portal. The beastly being caught sight of Harbek's broken smile, as the portal closed. Remaining motionless as the giant approached to investigate, Harbek savored this victory.
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A history of blood and violence
Journal entry, dragon's palate

We've been following an escort group for three days now. They've got our quarry, a defiler, named chandra. She defiles to gain power, a thirst that is not easily quenched after prolonged use. Chandra has some information on defilers that have their corrupting veins in the local municipalities south of the mekillot mountains.

We numbered more than half a dozen. Four of us had been recruited by nettle, the others were from a separate cell, local to the area. They were also our guides. They had come upon the same network of defilers on their own. Marten was leading our group, one of the locals. He was a strong leader, keeping the group moving at a quick pace, while conserving our energy.

Chandra was being escorted to a meeting between a governor and herself representing the interests of an unknown party, an individual whose identity we're hoping Chandra will give up. I don't expect her to go easy, but no matter how long it takes, we'll bleed her of everything she knows. This may be the way into the network I've been looking for. The sporadic attacks on mining facilities lead to little information, only that a single owner came in and invested to rebuild. He now owns a large majority of the facilities in the mekillot mountain area.

The trail has brought us to blackroc fort, an outpost dedicated to being a buffer against raiders and pirates. The sergeant on watch was able to tell us about Chandra's quick stop. Purchasing some supplies and asking around about local events, she made her way out of the fort before mid day. We got a direction from the sargeant and picked up her group's tracks.

We followed the group until dusk came upon us. Keeping a watch on their rest site, we kept our fire low and well concealed by a barrier. Both parties had made their camp sites along the coast. I took second watch, and it was right before my watch ended, that the commotion started. I raised Marten and the others. We heard the screaming and shouting, then saw the outlines.

A large being lumbered around their site, accompanied by a fairly large group of medium sized bipedal beings. The lumbering giant bellowed, and it wasn't until then that Marten ordered our fire to be put out. We waited until dawn, concealing ourselves as best we could. Once clear, we proceeded to investigate the camp site. What was left was an indescribable sight of carnage. The memory of Chandra's body missing her head, I will never forget. It looked like the skin around her neck and shoulders had been stretched and scraped. Marten said her head had been taken by the giant. And With it, my chance.
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Dear Harbek,
I received your letter and package via courier. I am very grateful for your contribution to the cause. It is extremely generous, and will be a boon to a great many deal of our warriors. You were always very passionate about our issue, and I can see that my training was not in vain. I take it you are doing well working for this merchant, I will do what I can to gather some background on this individual you mentioned. Your letter was very vague as to why he peaked your interest, but considering your contribution, it's very fair.

Sad story about the Balic-based group you told me. Do not blame yourself for this loss, you did what you could. We should be able to recuperate our losses with what you gave. Also in return for your generous contribution, I have sent some items of interest that you requested, plus an old training item of yours. I hope this will solidify our long-standing relationship, and your future contributions. Your aid is needed more than ever. You have a good heart, strong will and courageous soul. They will lead you to victory my friend.


Harbek looked up from the letter, nodding with content, and sighing with relief that he had received a return letter from his old mentor. Walking back towards his bunk, he rummaged through the package. In it was an amulet that held the life and spirit of the land, a sleek pair of form-fitting boots and an old belt that Harbek used to train in his younger years. He had enjoyed his time in the merchant group, and would continue to profit. Although, he never forgot what he set out to accomplish. His failure to help the Alliance group in Balic weighed heavy on his mind, and so he had chosen to rekindle an old friendship.
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