"I am sworn by my own blood to end all defilers."
User: Zynth
Campaign: Dark Sun: Rising
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Warden/12
Harbek is a massive character, standing nearly five feet tall! His tanned, leathery, skin hints red when exposed to the sun for lengthy periods of time. Bald and without a beard, as are most dwarves of Athas, his sweat and blood stained skin is a mark of pride. He wields a large stone axe, made of a dark colored rock, a round shield on his off-hand, and an extra bone axe on his back. A tough hide armor covers his vital areas, leaving a subtle tan-line at times. Harbek laughs casually and drinks heavily, in his work-hard play-hard lifestyle.
Harbek was a simple miner for much of his life. Mining a harsh, poor quality, coal from seams deep in the deserts of Athas. He had labored in harsh conditions since the day he came of age, and knew very little of the world outside the mine. Located near the mining establishment was a town, where the laborers lived, along with a fair few merchants.

Late one day, the workers noticed something unusual. There was a dark liquid seeping from the seams. They touched it cautiously at first, then moving to smell, and eventually taste it. They recognized it as tar, but were dumbfounded as to why tar was extruding from the rock. Any moisture should have been long gone, could there be a source of some sort? Maybe even an untapped source of oil? The tar began flowing out into pools in the mine, slowly building itself into monstrous beings.

A cackle echoed down from above, followed by the shouts of the workers. Somehow, the hooded man standing, observing the distraught miners, had summoned these demons upon them enhanced by defiling. Harbek fought side-by-side next to his comrades, but the mine was decimated. Worse yet, the town had also fallen under siege of the defiler. With the foreman dead, merchants out of business, the entire operation was ruined.

The next caravan to come into town was alarmed, but not totally surprised. They brought word of similar attacks on mining operations in other parts of the desert. Dispursing what little they could to as many as possible, the caravan took as many as could fit. Harbek was one of them. He has traveled since that day, training and searching for the evil that wrought destruction upon the mine.
During Harbek's flight from the massacre of the mine, he met a quiet individual who spoke to him about the events that took place. By the time the caravan had reached it's destination, a bustling town, Harbek was ready to start the next chapter of his life. He had met a member of the veiled alliance, who took him in to learn of defilers and their ways. Harbek took a bloodoath to hunt down the defiler that had wrought the destruction upon his mines and others.