"They sent YOU to kill me? Save us both some time and play dead."
User: Sean
Campaign: Free New Phlan
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Rogue/Swashbuckler/3
Alistair is 22 years old, possessed of dark hair, fair skin, and dark eyes. His equipment, while kept in good working condition, bears the hallmark of travel and frequent use. In particular note are his gloves, faintly stained with dried blood, glass, and soil. The cuffs of his gloves bear the symbol of Fharlanghn embroidered into them. His eyes drift lazily on the horizon, betraying a slight lack of attention to the current situation. You notice that his hands suffer the occasional twitch when left to their own devices.

Alistair tries to alleviate stressful situations with diplomacy (as long as there is a reasonable chance of success) and tries to rely on his humor to make allies. He is a calm and confident individual, facing each challenge with strong determination.
Alistair's parents owned a large inn and trading post in his childhood home, the regions capital city. The master of the merchants guild was a young noble who desired the wealth from their business (and several others). He used his influence to gain supporters, and began to run the rightful owners out of their businesses. Conspiring with a few of the other nobles, the guild-master began to have the owners arrested on phony charges, claiming their businesses as his property. In response, the merchants, citizens, and blackmailed nobles began an underground resistance. Hidden skirmishes were fought on a regular basis, and Alistair's parents were some of the first to perish in the uprising. Spurred to action by their loss, Alistair had now taken to their cause. His natural quickness had lent him an affinity for reclaiming the stolen wealth of the people. This shadow war was locked in a stalemate until the rebels were betrayed.

Alistair was away the morning of the attack: Breaking into the guild-masters home, he found irrefutable proof of the guild-masters plans for total mercantile control of the city. However, as he traveled back to their safe house, he was accosted by thugs and forced to flee. The guild-master eventually realized Alistair's handiwork. Using the wealth of his pilfered businesses and his contacts in other cities, he vowed to hunt Alistair down and retrieve his files. His efforts were destined to be pointless (Alistair ruined the ledgers traversing a river) but the guild-master unknowingly sent more and more men after him.

Alistair had to learn his lessons quickly to survive his two year flight: Slaying as many of his pursuers as he was able, Brawling a raging Orc in a decrepit tavern, sneaking through the marsh of the Sticklethorn Goblins, surviving the cruel "pranks" of an annoying imp, deceiving a wand of healing to save a young girl from death, helping a roadside chapel of Fharlanghn repel an angry ogre, and even (while being pursued by a fearsome mercenary gang) falling under the protection of magical forest creatures. (Their crossbowman shouldn't have punched that unicorn)

Alistair eventually reached a remote port town, finding work as a locksmiths assistant. However, the corrupt guild-master eventually marched what seemed like a small army to the small port town Alistair had just begun to call home. At the next dawn, Alistair stole away on a ship and evaded his enemy once again.

Alistair's ship eventually arrived in the city of Phlan. He began to traverse through the city, but was repelled by a throng of angry Kobolds. He evaded them and made his way to a local inn for rest and further planning.