"Erastil Uber Alles"
User: JC
Race: Taldan
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class: Paladin
Towering, powerful paladin, fewer words, more stern and more judgmental than Avatarax.
Keoughn is a bastard son of House Garess, who found a home in the Temple of Erastil. He became fast friends with Avatarax, who had left House Orlovski under somewhat similar circumstances. Yet, Keoughn was always jealous of Avatarax's legitimacy, and was always afraid of being overshadowed by his friend. One day, Avatarax asked Keoughn to help him to pacify the Stolen Lands and make them safe for frontiers folk. Keoughn angry declined, puzzling and saddening Avatarax. His spitefulness towards Avatarax only increased with his successes, culminating during Avatarax's short reign as Grand Duke.

Hearing from Ezvanki Keegh about Avatarax's untimely death, however, Keoughn has repented of his past jealousy, and decided to follow in the footsteps of his friend, to finish his work -- and to make Briarbridge safe for the good followers of Erastil.
Mission as originally assigned by Ezvanki Keegh:

(1) Spread the glory of Erastil by checking Pho politically.

(2) Spread the glory of Erastil by protecting his people (i.e. the settler folk of Briarbridge) from any threats.

Keoughn has always prioritized (2) greatly over (1). More recently, Keegh has changed (1) to "protect Pho at all costs", a mission which Keoughn is more comfortable with.

Keoughn also has a strong personal motive to finish Avatarax's unfinished business -- and, if possible, to find a way to resurrect his lost friend.