User: Briar
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Wizard/1
Elucidara stand to be a rather tall woman, achieving a full height of 6' 4'', and though she is not tooth-pick thin, she does have a fragile, slender frame. One of the wizard's most recognizable features is her hair, which is naturally a dark tint of red and is cut to length of her shoulders where it spikes outward. Most of the time her hair also drifts partially over the right side of her face (thus exemplifying her 'good side', she says). Her skin is generally a pinkish peach color and her eyes are a brilliant crystalline-blue color.

Aside from her hair, Luci's next most noticable feature is her birth-mark, which resembles a bird-shaped tattoo on her left cheek (the side that she keeps exposed) that reaches from the corner of her eye to the base of her neck.

If there is anything else that the mage is famous for, it is her sense of fashion. Most, if not all, of her outfits are red, and generally consist of elaborate robes with intricate designs. Most prominent is the seal of the Nephilim on the back of every robe which she displays with great pride.

Beyond the robe, she generally also wears fingerless black gloves that conform to her hands and knee-length boots that, despite being meant to look nice, are also very practical.