Cobus the Traveller

"Not all those who wander are lost."
User: Andy
Campaign: The Outer Kingdom!
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Cleric/1st
Cobus the Traveller, a 35 year old faithful cleric of Fharlanghn, is a tall, gaunt fellow with a bushy red beard and a riot of strawberry blonde hair, curly and wind tossed. His face is sunburned, with cheeks and nose peeling. His blue eyes sit deep within a network of fine wrinkles brought about by years of looking into the bright sun on the horizon.

He wears a broad-brimmed woven straw hat when not wearing his helm, although in the winter, he'll switch this out for a similarly styled felt hat lined with beaver pelt. His wool cloak of a stained, mud-brown is lined with wolf fur and covers a set of worn plate mail, a curved line with a sharper arc above it to represent the sun on the horizon painted on his breastplate. This holy symbol of the god of roads and travel is echoed in the wooden carving hanging from a leather thong hanging from Cobus' neck.

All of his clothing seems worn if not downright ragged except for his boots which he takes meticulous care of. In fact, his years of constant wandering has led him to develop techniques to keep his feet comfortable. If you were to glance into his boots after his has polished them one night, you would see small sacks made from sewn together sheep stomach, filled with a fragrant blend of bee's wax and lavender which mold to his feet, providing some cushion against the packed dirt roads he usually travels. The lavender also aids with the smell of feet too-long booted on long pilgrimages.

While he is proficient with a mace, like most priests of Fharlanghn, Cobus prefers using a staff as his primary weapon since it also doubles as a walking stick to aid him on his never-ending travel. Besides his boots, his staff is the only item he owns of any true value to him. As a young acolyte of the god of roads, he carved it himself from the fallen limb of an ironwood tree from back in his native Null's Harbor in Northern Thrang.
Cobus grew up the third son of a spice merchant in Null's Harbor in the Kingdoms of Thrang. As was often the custom there, sons who were not eligible to take over their merchant parent's business were entered into the service of Fharlanghn. Since merchants rely so heavily upon freely traveled roads, they saw such an offering to the god of roads and travel as the best way to help ensure the safety of their goods in transit.

He spent the next 20 years of his life getting to know every passable inch of the Kingdoms of Thrang as he became a devout and well-established Traveling Brother of Fharlanghn. Feeling that these roads were already too familiar to him, however, he decided to sail to another land and let the soles of his feet feel strange earth and his eyes see new sights, hoping thereby to spread his god's protection to other trails and other travelers.

His father often traded with merchants in Farholme in the Hrothgar Peninsula, nearly a week away by sail, so he decided to start his pilgrimage there. Newly arrived in the bustling port city, soaking up the bracing alpine air, Cobus spent time in various inns, learning about the roads of the peninsula, their delights and their dangers, when he was struck with various tales of a number of adventurers newly come to Canaelader Keep. There were hints that these adventurers--calling themselves The Strangers--were actually not from this world at all but were instead brought here from other realms, other worlds. Needless to say, the cleric was incredibly intrigued by these ultimate travelers, people who have walked roads he could never tramp. He decided that Fharlanghn must have guided his steps here from the very beginning in order to travel with these Strangers and learn what he could from their journeys.
Cobus carries around a journal where he records the many sights he sees and things he learns on his continuous pilgrimage which he will trade with fellow Travelers of Fharlanghn. Also in his pack is a small pouch of sand. He takes a pinch and sprinkles it over every meal and into every tankard of ale as a ritual symbolizing the pilgrim's connection to the dust of the road.

While the clerics are technically of Neutral alignment, they have tendencies towards good, especially on the road where they will aid fellow travelers and are especially harsh with brigands and thieves who would take advantage of fellow travelers, often taking on the roll of both judge and executioner.

10% bonus
Languages spoken: Common