User: Zynth
Campaign: Dark Sun: Rising
Race: Genasi
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Wizard/1
A sandy brown cloak, covered in intricate patterns, that resemble various trade routes and nomad paths around the Silt Sea. A simple walking staff is always at this aging genasi's side, who looks out from under his hooded cloak with a smile. His grisled beard is rough to the touch like sandpaper. Depending on the time of day and circumstances, he may seem to radiate heat or chill to the touch. He keeps to himself for the most part, only pulling back his hood when comfortable. His skin is a deep tan, with subtle waves of gold slowly washing over him.
Once, half a lifetime ago, Sardis lived in an enclave along the Silt Sea. The island stronghold was seemingly impenetrable. The confidence in the genasi's patient methods turned them complacent. Sardis' home lay at the rear of the city, along the cliffs that bordered the Silt Sea. Defending against the bloodthirsty invasion force, the genasi chose to channel their elemental heritage, forming a corona above the citadel of the city. His parents had gone to aid the effort. This surge of power sent out a shockwave, crushing the citadel and destabilizing the thick layers of aged deposits, leading to a collapse of the island and stronghold. In the flash of the elemental chaos, Sardis came to on another island.

To his luck it was inhabited by a coalition of former slaves, who found the young man wandering into a fishing village. Weary of the refugee, they forced him to stay outside the village. Sardis, still fatigued, lay on the beach in the sun for nearly two days until dragged into a hut. A set of villagers began to argue, one turned to question Sardis. He asked why the Silt Sea grew warm in winter? Why had Sardis washed up on their shores? How could Sardis lie outside, day and night, so easily? He called him cursed, and stormed out. The remaning villagers gave what they could to Sardis, and when he could finally repay their hospitality, worked alongside them. Stories of the freak events surrounding his arrival and the origins of his kind changed over time. What didn't was the fear and doubt surrounding his stay. Sardis left the village, on a small raft, a midsummer's night with a full moon. He had embarked on a journey to seek a placid sanctuary, only to enter an ever-changing world of hostility. Rumors circulate wherever he travels.

Imprisoned at one point in his life for merely existing, a crime that lacks sin, Sardis was humbled by a sturdy goliath. He shared his story with the towering warrior, who seemed to be held for nearly the same reason. The two watched the guards, and colluded to escape. Sardis shouted at the goliath "You think you can push me around? You're all blubber!" The goliath struck Sardis, knocking him down. The guards reacted, rushing over to quell the two from outside the bars. Sardis shouted again, wiping the blood from his mouth "That all you got?! Show me how tough you are!" The goliath's skin hardened and Sardis released his inner element, blinding the guards, merely singing the goliath. The goliath reached through, grabbed one of the guard's head, and knocked him unconcious against the iron strips of the cell. Sardis reached for the keys, unlocked the cell, and escaped into the heat of the day.

In recent travels Sardis found himself in a familiar situation. Followed by a small gang of thugs, seeking vengeance for an act that he had nothing to do with, he sought to blend into a crowded market. Coming upon a slave auction, he bid on a destitute shifter, who received little intrest from other bidders. Taking his newly accquired companion out through the back, they left the town quickly after a short traveler's rite. Unfortunately Sardis was found in a short matter of time. The shifter offerred his services in eliminating this threat. Sardis agreed to grant him freedom in compensation for the head-start. The two parted ways, Sardis asking for the barbarian's name before vanishing. Chiba he answered.
Sardis has found a companion on his travels. On a trek, across vast plains, he found himself camping near a lone tree. A small jank ran through his camp, and up the tree, closely followed by a coyote. He scared the coyote away, for his own safety, and sat back down near the fire. After some time the jank cralwed around the trunk of the tree, with a nut in his mouth. The jank slowly approached Sardis and dropped the bounty quickly before scurrying off. Puzzled, Sardis waited, and found the jank returning again with another nut. The creature continued, until Sardis broke off a piece of warm jerky and offered it in return. Cujo has become a permanent sight on Sardis' travels.