The Journal of Kalinth

Campaign: Dark Sun: Rising

Session Recap!
After an (fortunately) uneventful rest the party quickly moved to enact their plan to return to Kalidnay and hopefully work with Sanguine's aunt, the 'Queen of Kalidnay', to get themselves and the city back to Athas and out of the grey. Their plan: Hijack a supply caravan going to city and use it to gain access without having to worry about city patrols. Once in the city Sanguine would smooth things over with her aunt and things would end with sunshine, happiness and maybe a hug or two. Unfortunately, Athas has a habit of making problems for plans.

The party was quickly able to locate where the caravan route but were discovered by a pair of scouts riding fiery beasts, after a small measure of effort though they eliminated the patrol and sabotaged a nearby pillar to block most of the road. Soon enough a caravan arrived and began to pass through when the party engaged them and the first problem with the party's plan manifested. The problem: Caravan guards like to live.

The party was able to quickly cause problems for the caravan with their various skills; Crusher was able to head off the first wagon merely by holding it's sergeant in front of wagon, forcing the driver to stop moving lest he run over his superior. Harbeck challenged the entirety of the second and third wagon's guards and succumbed only to their overwhelming numbers, Kalinth quickly brought his powers to bear and got Harbeck on his feet before striking down several of the small minions plaguing the dwarf. Pak'cha quickly moved in eliminating several more of the guards and preparing himself to pursue the third cart, now taking advantage of the brawl to escape, but was stopped by the commander of the caravan with a vicious strike. Sanguine moved in to try and destroy the remaining survivors when the plan's next problem manifested: Pak'Cha.... Was unconscious and about to be decapitated by a sergeant.

After a discussion as to whether or not to save Pak'Cha, the party decided they'd rather save the sociopath than not and brokered a deal with the caravan to ride in with the remaining caravan wagons, filling the holes in man power they'd just recently created. The caravan guards kept true to their words, likely out of a mix of fear and dislike for Kalidnay and got the party into the city. The party was able to subtly enter the palace, linking up with Mala and Scar who had procured disguises from the local guard, and began the process of making their way to where Sanguine believed her aunt would be eating dinner. Soon enough they quickly reached the garden and heard voices of various templar reporting to the Queen their lack of success in finding her niece and the success they had achieved in recapturing most of the escaped slaves.

Sanguine revealed herself to her aunt who was relieved to see her niece safe but soon unsure of things when she heard that her niece was in league with those that caused the great mess at the coliseum. Pak'cha and Kalinth both revealed themselves trying to clear some of the confusion and express interest in helping the Queen with her plan's to escape the grey when two more problems with the plan came up. Problem 1: Pak'cha has the diplomatic tact of a rabid Jhakar and succeeded only in angering the queen and Problem 2: The orb resting upon the top of Kalinth's trikal seemed to be recognized by her and resulted in her calling a Sanguine a whore, whether it be because Sanguine gets to bask in it's presence, or bitches be crazy is yet to be seen.
Session: Session 45 - Sunday, Dec 15 2013 from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Time to pick up and Leave
Solaris sat on the skimmer moments after ushering everyone on, both himself and Kalinth working to fully process and work through everything they had been through over the past hour. The successful infiltration of the ivory dungeon, the rescue of Hargo Vole, their discovery by Haraxes as they tried to escape and his subsequent death. The elation of the fact that such an audacious plan had been carried out successfully was hammering him hard, both within and from the others. A palpable aura of nervousness and possible awe was coming off some of the crew, likely those who knew enough to figure out what the unusual band of individuals they had brought on board had done.

Kalinth and Solaris spoke quickly as the skimmer began to make way, Balic is no more for us it seems... Now might not be a bad time for us to see about heading to Tyr and finding your father. We have information on the attack on the shields I'm sure he'd be interested in, though sadly not much since I've been unable to discern much if anything from that slaver's soul fragments and am loathe to incorporate them to try and do so... "Do you believe it may be time to ask the devil for help on this matter?" I am loathe to do that as well. We did not leave a very.... friendly impression with his other side. It is something to consider though.

Solaris stood up and began to entertain a few thoughts in his head at what would be ahead. If they did make it to Tyr he knew that there would be work to do with his father and hoped to get back to work with the Desert Shields and the people he held dear, briefly thinking on the idea of possibly working to have Brinna join him in Tyr somehow, no sooner though did he start considering this then an alarm went up amongst the crew. Interceptors from Balic were pursuing, and work would need to be done to earn secure their freedom. Solaris focused himself and pulled on Kalinth's psionic powers and infused the crew around him with an air of courage before seeking out Kaylen and asking what he could do to help.
Session: Session 33 - Sunday, Jun 09 2013 from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Things Desired
There were four of them, all standing around him in a haphazard circle, each nervously holding their swords in hand trying to figure out which of them would attack him first. It was the smallest of them, a woman wearing loose fitting leather armor, that struck first. With a focused and silent charge she struck out, such was the speed of her attack that she might have actually been a threat to someone who hadn't read her emotions and picked up on the emotional spike of her hoping to prove herself to the men she worked with. Solaris took a half step back and spun his trikal's head around into his attacker's leg in mid stride knocking her footing loose and causing her to fall in pain. A surge of anger at the sight spurred the next attack, Solaris looked upon the man now charging him and sensed the desire to protect the woman at his feet. That desire suddenly turned to static as Solaris unleashed a blast of psychic energy at the man, knocking him to the ground and stunning him. The last two men attacked with sudden coordination, fear and desperation radiating off them as they drove to succeed where two others had failed. The youngest of the two, driven by youthful determination, caught Solaris's trikal in the side and crumpled in a heap, while the more older of them lashed out at Solaris as his comrade fell. The attack was for naught though as Solaris merely turned the attack aside with the haft of his trikal and brought the weapon's counter weight up and into the man's side, winding him and sending him to his knees struggling to breath. A fifth presence suddenly flared within Solaris's mind behind him and moved with enough speed that he barely avoided a well aimed attack with a bastard sword. Solaris spun to meet his attack and looked upon a woman whose face was almost completely covered by the gorget she wore, leaving only her steely eyes and cropped hair visible, "Ah Brinna, I suppose it is your turn now..."

Brinna struck again with her blade and entered into a contest of repeated strikes and counter-strikes with the former praetor. She fought with a discipline and focus few could match and for a moment's time the two seemed evenly matched. The intensity of her attacks combined with her focus allowed her to open a Solaris's defense that she quickly exploited by grabbing the haft of his trikal and kicking him square in the gut, the attack having the desired effect of disarming him. Solaris quickly recovered though and brought up a carrikal he had upon his waist and pressed his own attack, attacking with a ferocity to match Brinna's intensity, putting her now on the defensive. Solaris managed to hook the blade of Brinna's broadsword between the edges of his carrikal and twist Brinna's sword from her grasp while breaking his own armament, turning the fight into an unarmed fight from there on. It was almost 3 minutes of fighting that bordered on outright brawling, before Solaris struck Brinna squarely in the chest and she fell to a knee, exhaustion clearly evidenced on her face. She looked up at Solaris, who despite everything seemed hardly winded and uninjured, and with a slight smile spoke two words, "I yield."

Solaris sat quietly in Brinna's quarters relaxing and reflecting on the sparring match that had occurred earlier. The soldier's in the fort had not forgotten the contributions Solaris and his allies had made to the defense of it , or the work Solaris had done to ensure that casualties after the fighting were minimal. After his arrival several soldiers sought him out, many to thank him for either their lives or a limb his attentions had allowed them to continue use of. Surprisingly however several other hoped to spar with him and possibly glean something from his experiences. After a brief discussion with Brinna, she selected a few of people asking and allowed them the chance to take him on with blunted weapons. Unbeknownst to Solaris she also had plans of her own to participate and after the fight had invited him to her quarters, where he now waited in quiet repose.

He did not wait long before she entered wearing a light tunic, carrying some water and bread that she offered to share with him. He smiled lightly at her and gratefully accepted the food, the exertions of the sparring suddenly making themselves known. She looked at him sidelong glance as he ate and spoke quite suddenly, "You will be leaving in the morning won't you?" Solaris simply nodded at this before she continued, "You could stay you know... We could use you here at the fort..." Brinna paused momentarily before continuing, "In truth, I could use you here at the fort Solaris... The casualties from the previous attack has left us with little in the way of leadership outside of me. The men here respect you, they would gladly follow you if you were to stay. I know house Tomblador is looking for you but that would mean little if you proved yourself to be the invaluable asset to the legion I'm sure you could be. No high praetor is vindictive enough to destroy what could be a valuable connection to the common legionnaires, never mind the potential political fallout for destroying someone who saved a fort of Balic at great risk to themselves without even asking for a reward." Solaris sat quietly, listening to Brinna and as she finished he responded somberly, "You've no idea how much I wish I could stay Brinna... You've no idea how 'at home' I feel when I'm here. But what I am actively working to do now I cannot easily give up. If I stay now I betray those that have come to rely upon me as well and lose the potential chance to clear you of any potential 'wrong doing' when my colleagues and I escaped from Tomblador's estate. I also obtained information regarding the destruction of my home that I must act upon in some way, something I fear I cannot do without traveling to Tyr and locating my father. I do promise you though... If there comes a time when I can stay somewhere, it will be by your side I stay." Sadness seemed to creep into Brinna's face as he spoke only to be replaced with a small smile as he finished.

She then stood up and walked to the bed in her quarters, "You do understand I will hold you to that promise Solaris... Until then, could you do me a favor and help me out with something? I seem to have this pain that just won't go away and I figure a healers touch might help with it..." At this Solaris smiled and followed her, "You needed only ask Brinna."
Session: Session 30 - Sunday, May 19 2013 from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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To Awaken in the Dark
Kalinth looked over the slain beast that resides in the corner of the room, it's many eye stalks still and it's menacing aura no longer present. After a momentary discussion they had all agreed to take a much needed rest and recover from the ordeal. Kalinth watched Mala move to the side of the room and slump down, Theoak quietly hanging off her in a makeshift sling. He moved over to inspect the small halfling, noting that the ointment they had used on him had seemingly run its course and hoped he would recover from the after effects of its use with simple rest. He looks up to Mala after his examinations only to realize that sleep had claimed the goliath. With a simple sigh Kalinth sat down beside the goliath and slowly let fatigue drag him into a restful oblivion.
Solaris woke with a sudden start to darkness. After a moment's panic he channeled a small amount of energy into his arms, relieved to see them light up with a ghostly glow and prove he wasn't blind. He was about to call out when he sudden felt a large hand suddenly grab his shoulder. Panic again surged through Solaris's body as he readied to defend himself only for a gruff voice to speak out, "Be at peace, You are safe." Solaris recognized Mala's voice instantly and grew still. Solaris looked over towards the giant and simply asked, "Where are we, what has happened?" Despite being unable to see the goliath, Solaris felt a slight bit of envy in Mala's tone as she began to fill Solaris in on what had happened, knowing Solaris had been spared from directly experiencing the problems they'd faced till now.
Session: Session 25 - Sunday, Mar 03 2013 from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Death and Darkness
Kalinth walked through what he could only assume was a tomb with his party and fought an increasing feeling of unease as they pressed deeper and the walls seemed to press in. Images flashed through his mind, images he couldn't place properly time wise in the fragments of his life, images of another dark, dank and slick area that at his core he knew held only death. Extended control of Solaris's body, while useful in resisting the harmful environment, was starting to wear at Kalinth slightly; a subtle wrongness that was felt more and more as they pressed on and forced Kalinth into withdrawing more and more from full control and become more of a remote operator to keep himself operating Solaris's body. I hope Solaris's mind returns sooner rather than later...


Kalinth looked over the canopic jar he held in his hands, trying hard to steady Solaris's hands as he looked at the unconscious forms of Harbek, Theoak and Pak'Cha. They had all fallen victim to a trap in the room, set off by an irritable Pak'Cha not getting to keep the very jar Kalinth held now held in his hands. Ironic that the jar he so wanted to have for no reason other than 'having it' holds the only means to revive him at this moment. Kalinth briefly looked up towards the nearby hallway as waves of muted anger and frustration came from it, knowing them to be from Sanguine and hoping that Mala was being successful in calming their comrade after the fight they had just been through.

It had ended almost as quickly as it began, after Pak'Cha's unwitting mistake of setting off a gas trap, a trap that likely would've claimed Solaris's body were it not for the fact Kalinth literally stopped it from breathing for several seconds after realizing what had occurred. Mala and Crusher fortunately were either far enough away from the gas to not be affected or were able to control their own breathing enough to avoid inhaling enough to be effective while Sanguine was as unflappable about breathing as ever. Would that I could stop Solaris's breathing permanently without killing us, would be most useful down in this hell. It was mere moments later that a crashing noise was heard and they were set upon by a new danger.

Kalinth had found himself suddenly aware of a being radiating a murderous hunger as Sanguine spoke out to something in the room beyond the doorway they were standing in. After hearing this new being refer to Sanguine as a sister and the rest of them as food Mala had rushed in to assault the threat, only to literally be stopped in her tracks by some mental ability of the threat. Kalinth and Crusher both quickly moved to help Mala only for Crusher to be attacked by the.... creature.

Looking at the hallway still, Kalinth thought of what it was they had fought. A bestial creature that seemed to have the same abilities and to a lesser extent appearance of Sanguine but who's mind was lost to the very hunger he had felt radiating from it. He had also felt the pleading desperation from Sanguine though when she asked that they not kill the creature in the hopes that she might learn more about herself from it, a desire he wholly understood. Kalinth surprisingly found himself to be the one to strike the blow that would determine life or death for the creature and after a moments introspection he found he could not bring himself to end the creature, knowing full well what it would mean to Sanguine and instead incapacitated it with a powerful psionic blow.

Kalinth's memories were interrupted by Crusher suddenly speaking, "We revive the small one... He recognized the contents of that jar for what they were, Perhaps he could make more." Kalinth looked to Crusher for a moment before nodding and spreading the contents of the jar upon the diminutive naturalist. Minutes later Theoak was standing and conscious and quite capable of telling Crusher and Kalinth he could not replicate the jar's contents, he did however suggest that a primal entity they had recently encountered might be of help. Upon hearing this Kalinth growled slightly and grabbed Pak'Cha and began hauling the bug in the direction they needed to go, cursing the bug in draconic multiple times.

As he drug the Thri-Kreen he remembered the final part of what happened to the creature they had knocked out. Mala and the reality of their situation quickly broke down any hopes at a meaningful chance to interrogate the creature with the hazardous atmosphere bearing down on them all. Mala pushed to execute the unconscious creature so they would not have to watch their backs from here on despite Sanguine's continued pleading not to, the necessity of the act however soon became clear and Sanguine soon left the room. It took one stroke to sever the beasts head, despite that however it let out a death knell that he knew was heard by Sanguine and more than a fair level of guilt filled him.


Kalinth stood in the hallway with Sanguine listening to Theoak beseech the primal entity for its help in restoring Harbek and Pak'Cha. He walked over to her and looked to the ground, unable to meet her gaze, and spoke softly, "We've not spoken before Sanguine... You and I, but please know I understand the pain you must be feeling. I know not what I am and it has only been through blind luck that I know what I was... or at least partly. Whether you know it or not you do have a true ally in me."
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