User: Matt
Campaign: Dark Sun: Rising
Race: Dragonborn
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Battlemind/2
A dray of tall stature with a seemingly slight build Kalinth does little to immediately stand out, aside from having white scales with silvered lines upon them and silver eyes. He wears unassuming armor befitting any that have earned their living protecting others from the hazards of the deserts who's only defining trait is damage near his neck guard which coincides with a scar on his body. He also seems to move with the slightest of limps hinting that his left leg may have been wounded in the past.
It was many years ago that a nomadic tribe was preparing to sequester themselves from the harsh temperatures of the day when they realized a sandstorm would soon be upon them. They quickly moved to shelter nearby when they noticed distantly a small group in the path of the storm trying hard to stay ahead of it. Several members of the tribe hoped to signal the group in the hopes of saving them from their impending fate while a few even volunteered to ride out and try to bring them in, however the leader of the tribe, a elder named Pol-un took the sight in and sensed something unnatural about the storm. It was right after he advised against any rescue attempt that the group seemingly stopped and let the storm begin to overtake them. The last thing seen before the storm swallowed the group was a flair of light from the group which was then seemingly extinguished by the storm.

The nomads watched with awe for the next hour as the storm's advance halted once it overtook the small group and the sound of howling wind was punctuated suddenly by the sound of lightning strikes with accompanying flashes of light. Pol-un watched grimly as all this happened and retired to the interior of the cave asking to be told when the storm ended. Soon after the storm abated a party lead by Pol-un moved quickly to where the group had last been seen knowing that if there was to be any hope at rescue speed was essential, however upon arrival to the general area there was nothing to be found but small fragments of glassed sand. Knowing that any bodies that would have been left behind were likely buried with little hope to be found the group soon gave up looking for any traces of the group and prepared to return to the tribe. It wasn't until Pol-un began to ride away that he noticed a small bundle nearly buried completely by sand. He quickly dug up the bundle and opened it revealing a white dray hatchling that stirred weakly at the fresh air and light. Pol-un quickly picked the hatchling up bringing him with him back to his tribe.

The tribe initially viewed the hatchling with wariness as it was brought back due to the circumstances in which he appeared, several elders felt the dray should be left to the sands, to be claimed by them like the group he was with had been. However Pol-un sensing something special quickly persuaded the tribe that keeping the hatchling was in the tribes best interest, if not for the fact that a dray could be a formidable member of the tribe then for the fact that a dray clan may look favorably upon their tribe for caring for one of their kind, even if it wasn't one of their clan. Designating himself the hatchling's guardian, Pol-un named the dray Kalinth and began raising him from that point.

Kalinth grew quickly as time passed and integrated with the tribe surprisingly easily. Under Pol-un's care and tutelage he flourished, as a child he quickly learned how to navigate the hazards of the desert with the tribes scouts and as soon as he was able to wield a weapon began training so that he could help to protect the tribe. In his adolescence he began to leave the bulk of the tribe, accompanying their trading trips as a guard and learning quickly how to ply his appearance and personality to help make his tribes trade goods go farther and began to learn from the tribes healers how to treat wounds properly to help ensure that none were lost to any accidents or ambushes.

It was during one of these trading trips that Kalinth's life changed dramatically. Pol-un was leading the trip with the intent of linking up with another nomadic group and exchanging news and goods. Things seemed well and normal as the leaders of the tribes met and began their talks while the other members of the parties intermingled and greeted each other as fellow children of the desert. During the night however things quickly changed. Kalinth woke from his sleep suddenly sensing something was amiss in time to see a Thri-kreen standing over a fellow tribesman, his shout of warning came too late however as the Thri-kreen quickly executed the tribe member with its spear before turning towards Kalinth only to have its spear arm hewn from its body followed soon by its head by Kalinth's carrikal. Kalinth quickly looked around and took in a grim sight, a Thri-kreen hunting party was stalking through the sleeping tribesmen killing them, several already dead before Kalinth's warning roused any others. Quickly moving to prevent any more deaths Kalinth engaged a nearby pair of Thri-kreens and managed to prevent them from the easy prey that was the tribesman still rousing from their sleep. Working through the various techniques he had learned from his tribe and the using his large size he held his ground long enough to allow an ally to get behind and kill one of the attackers, the second however, enraged by its partners death, managed to break through Kalinth's defenses and imbed its spear in Kalinth's leg slicing through a large portion of the muscle and crippling the leg. His fellow tribesman came to his aid and immediately slew the second Thri-kreen. Kalinth quickly began to take stock of the changing situation noting that despite the Thri-kreen having slain many of his tribesman, their fellow nomads were moving quickly and saw that both tribes were now finishing off the Thri-kreen raiders. It was soon after the last one fell that Kalinth spotted Pol-un near the other tribe leader and witnessed an act of betrayal he'd never forget.

Pol-un moved to embrace the other tribal leader in an act of camaraderie only to suddenly look stricken and confused before falling back, the knife of the other leader buried in his stomach. At the sight of this an unspoken command went out to the other tribe who quickly turned their weapons on Kalinth's tribe. His tribe, having borne the brunt of the Thri-kreen's attack suddenly found themselves overwhelmed and being attacked by those they thought of as brothers. Kalinth watching this suddenly found himself consumed with rage and felt a strength within him suddenly build up seeking release, it was then that he stepped out of his old life and into a new one. Jonah, one of the tribesman saved by Kalinth was one of the few who saw what occurred next. Kalinth seemed to suddenly be covered in glowing silver and despite his leg wound stood up and stared across the battleground, the glowing getting brighter and brighter until suddenly he vanished and suddenly reappeared with a flash and loud crack, like lightning striking, next to the leader of the enemy tribe who had only a moment to look in surprise as Kalinth grabbed him and unleashed from his mouth lightning, charring the leader in moments. He then dropped the leaders lifeless corpse and then became what Jonah could only describe as living lightning, disappearing and reappearing all over the field striking down each member of the enemy tribe with a flash and a crack of displaced air until none remained. He then appeared again next to Pol-un's body and collapsed next to him. The few survivors of Kalinth's tribe quickly gathered themselves and their dead and left with him being carried next to his adoptive father's body.

Upon their return things went poorly for the survivors of the betrayal. The loss of Pol-un was grievous enough without betrayal having played a part, that it had been due to such a thing though was like sand in a fresh wound. An elder by the name of Solak quickly assumed the mantle of the tribe's leader and began to gather the other elder's of the tribe to discuss what next to do while the survivors were treated for their wounds. It was nearly two full days later that Kalinth regained consciousness. Recalling the events he quickly looked around and realized that while he was not bound, he was being kept separate from the rest of the tribe. He then noticed that his entire body was covered in silvered lines and more unnervingly the site where the Thri-kreen had crippled his leg looked like it had healed, albeit as much as possible for such a wound. He tried slowly to stand on his own knowing that if he could not the desert would likely be claiming him soon, only to be genuinely surprised when he found that not only could he stand on the wounded leg but that his whole body felt strengthened. Soon after these discoveries a member of the tribe came to him and brought him before the elder's of the tribe.

As he entered the tent of the elder's he saw Pol-un's body before him and the elder's all arrayed around it, it was then that the true impact of his loss hit Kalinth and the large dray went quietly to his knees, grief clearly visible upon his face. The elders allowed him to grieve for some time before Solak stepped forward and told Kalinth why he had been brought before them. In the time since the survivors return the other tribe had discovered the site of the fight and believed that Kalinth's tribe had been the betrayers, that the whole meeting had been a ruse of Pol-un's design to end their tribe's leadership in order to weaken them so that they could be easily assimilated or conquered by his own tribe. They further believed that Kalinth himself was evidence of this by the fact that he claimed what they believed to be unnatural power. Solak and the other elders, despite knowing the truth of the situation were forced to act to protect the tribe. While they denounced the idea that Pol-un would do such a thing there was no way to deny the truth of the situation, Kalinth had slain not only their tribe's leader but many of their best warriors using abilities none of them had seen before. It was thus decided that in order to make peace with this tribe and avoid bloodshed that Kalinth would be turned over to the other tribe for punishment at their hands.

All this was told to Kalinth who took it in wordlessly with a grim countenance about him when Solak suddenly stood up and laid his arm upon the dray's shoulder and smiled knowingly before saying "It would be hard for us to turn you over however were you to somehow escape and disappear using these 'unnatural' powers. If a day or two's worth of supplies and a little survival gear were to disappear as well I doubt there'd be any worry. Understand this though, in leaving you leave us permanently we cannot have you return without repercussion. Pol-un sensed something special about you many years ago, I believe what you've done shows the proof in that. It is time now for you to go out and pursue a path that embraces your uniqueness." With that he then turned and left with the other elders, leaving Kalinth alone with his father's body and the enormity of everything that had happened and that would happen.

Kalinth left his tribe that night, making his way to the nearest caravan outpost and from there to the city of Tyr. While in Tyr his skills learned from his tribe allowed him to earn a living as a guide for local caravans, this combined with his other newfound abilities drew the attention of a small merchant house known as the Soluns. The Soluns were quick to recognize his special talents as a valuable commodity that could quickly be used to further their house's prospects. It was through them that he learned his abilities were not supernatural but actually psionic in nature and that there were others like him. House Solun brought in a trainer to help Kalinth learn his abilities and the extent of their capabilities in lieu of the pay he'd normally receive, He worked for them for nearly 10 years before the house fell onto disfavor with the local templars for reasons unknown to Kalinth. While he was out with one of their caravans the templars of Tyr swept in and dismantled the house and its holdings piece by piece. Upon his return to Tyr with the caravan Kalinth suddenly found himself out of work and unsure of what next to do with himself.

It was by chance one day that he stumbled upon a recruiter for a mercenary group known as the Desert Runners. He immediately latched at the chance to put his old skills and abilities to use and spent the next two years with them earning the respect of many of his comrades and using his psionic abilities to help the runners complete their contracts. It was during a caravan escort recently that Kalinth's life changed again. During a night patrol Kalinth's group spotted a trio of Thri-kreen scouts near their position obviously scouting out the caravan. Realizing that the Thri-kreen were likely already aware of the caravan and its position Kalinth ordered his patrol to return to the caravan and make ready their arms, When asked what he planned to do Kalinth simply grinned and disappeared in a flash and reappeared amongst the distant Thri-kreen scouts, determined to not let them get back to their host that the caravan was not at full arms.

As he appeared amongst the scouts Kalinth quickly took advantage of their surprise to slay one where it stood before its partners could move. The other Thri-kreen however quickly moved to attempt to strike him down in a furious rage. Calling upon his powers Kalinth was able to stave off multiple attacks from the Thri-kreens that would've pressed even one more experienced than he, unfortunately though their fury was beyond anything Kalinth had seen before. As he struck one of the Thri-kreen down, taking advantage of an opening in its guard, the other moved in quickly to try for a fatal strike. Kalinth was able to do nothing as its spear pierced his armors neck guard and opened up his throat. He spun as the strike took him, his carrikal falling from his hand as he went to a knee. The Thri-kreen stood over him preparing to strike him down was unprepared when Kalinth rose to meet the strike, lightning crackling around his fist, the Thri-kreen's face crumpling slightly under the power of the blow before the energy contained within his fist caused it to neatly explode. Suddenly finding himself out of energy Kalinth collapsed with a smile on his face and waited for the end to take him.

Several hours passed before Kalinth woke to see the roof of a small shelter over him with a mul standing nearby. The mul seemed to smile as he saw the dray awake and the two exchanged names. The mul was a druid by the name of Torrin and had stumbled upon the dray's body not long after Kalinth had passed out, using his druidic abilities he had restored Kalinth to health. Kalinth owing the druid his life offered to become the druids companion and protector, the mul chuckled and grinned at the thought and they soon set off together.