User: Gabriel
Campaign: Dark Sun: Rising
Race: Goliath
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Warlord/1
As a goliath, Tak always knew his purpose in life. He and his half-giant brothers had been born and bred for battle in service of Dictator Andropinis, sorcerer-king of the great city of Balic. Tak showed both a great skill at arms and an unusual cunning, and quickly rose through the ranks of the slave-auxillary to Balic's First Legion. He was placed at the head of a unit of goliath skirmishers tasked with harrying the enemies of Balic via javelins thrown with their brute strength. It was unusual for such a unit to be commanded by one of their own kind.

Everthing changed when the unit was given a mission to scout out a tribe of feral goliath raiders who were thought to be hiding in the mountains near Ledopolus. What they found was a tribe of goat herders consisting mostly of females and children and suffering from a famine. Many of their males had already been killed while seeking food and supplies to bring back to the tribe by any means necessary.

Tak knew his orders. The feral goliaths would not offer much resistance. He gave the command: "Start rounding them up to and get ready to force-march them back to Balic. Kill any who try to fight back."

As Tak's unit began to move into place, a young soldier named Jannyk placed himself to block the main path to the tribe's village and drew his weapon, facing the rest of the soldiers.

"Explain yourself, Jannyk," Tak growled.

"Why should we add to these people's suffering? They are of the blood of giants, just as we are. I cannot condemn them to the same life of slavery that we lead." Jannyk was putting on a brave face, but Tak knew him well enough to see the signs of fear. Jannyk understood what the price for such disobedience would be.

All eyes of the unit were upon Tak. It was his duty to carry out the execution. He stepped forward, hand reaching for his own weapon... and found himself turning to stand side-by-side with Jannyk. He looked each of his men in the eye, one by one, and saw them all give a nod of understanding.


After several weeks of raiding to support the starving tribe, the traitorous goliath soldiers were finally tracked down by the First Legion, under the command of Praetor Lanius. The goliaths knew this day would come, and prepared to make their last stand against the legion. Lanius denied them the chance for an honorable death in battle, however. He used his powerful templar magics to render them helpless, and Tak was forced to watch as Lanius slew Jannyk and the rest of his men, one by one, in front of the entire legion. Tak was only left alive to be brought back to Balic to be made a public example of.

While awaiting his execution, Tak found himself sharing a cell with a crafty genasi. The two of them managed to concoct a successful escape plan. Tak fled from Balic, but swore a blood-oath that one day he would return to enact his vengeance upon Praetor Lanius.