User: Frank
Race: Warforged
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Warden/9
I am Titan.

I was built 45 years ago, but I have never seen battle. Instead, I was the entertainment kept caged below the Colosseum. For his amusement the emperor would send low-lives, criminals, traitors, and the occasional challenger into my ring. Sometimes one at a time; sometimes several. Few left alive.

Forty years ago the crowds stopped coming. The emperor was dead, or so I was told. Some even accused me of killing him. I assure you that is not true, for I was never given the opportunity.

The others were dismantled or destroyed in the war. I was left, forgotten, feared.

Last week I was found by a group of treasure hunters. Finally, someone dared to brave the journey to my cage. Regrettably, they attacked me out of fear, so I killed them and took their belongings.

I'm not sure where I will go now, or what one like me does. Other than stare at the inside of a cage, that is.