""...We should drink after this.""
User: Kenny
Race: Norne, Jayan
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Weapons Master/2
Standing just over eight feet tall Taetus is large even for his own people.

This 350lb. mass of muscle covers himself with a thin layer of leather armor, then thick plate over that.

He carries his custom hammer on his shoulder at all times, and only occasionally lets go of his shield, which measures one foot less than his hight.

His long red hair is usually messy, and often falls in front of his green eyes.

He speaks with a very thick "Russian" accent.

Taetus will always put himself in danger to keep his allies safe. This would normally seem like a bad idea in the world he lives in, but as enemies strike him he only becomes more enraged, dramatically lessening thier chances of survival.

...Taetus loves to drink after a good fight.
Taetus hails from the town of Hildestheim, at the Peak of the World. He had gone far from his home to Helenia to look for a city that he could hold a man of his potential, and size.

Upon reaching a mansion not too far from a small city in the region, he happened upon two adventurers whom he thought worthy of his company. They paid him no attention, seeing as the lady of the pair had been dismembered and slaughtered and the man was attempting to get her to a hospital, it was the least he could do.

After a few hours travel he came across the man again, this time in the City Guard Headquarters, Taetus requested they speak at the tavern after he had done his business. The man came running from the guard offices past Taetus a short time later, trying to make his way to the hospital. Taetus would follow him closely.

The man was looking for his companion whom he'd left at the hospital earlier. Two coroners happened to be carrying the lady out when Taetus and the man arrived, suspicion arose and the two followed the coroners. The man stuck to the shadows, as the ever fearless Taetus simply walked up and began asking questions, though the men hadn't much to say to the hammer wielding giant.

The man opened the "sack" in a hurry, finding his dead comrade stripped and robbed laying before him, she soon awoke from her... deep sleep. The man ran back and forth from his partner to the hospital, finder her various pieces of clothing.

The man would soon disappear and the woman, known to Taetus as "Lady Grey" would soon become his comrade. Taetus' vow to protect those he deemed equal or weaker than himself would keep him in her company as they traveled to Goldar in search of mercenary work.

They arrived in Goldar within a few days, and Taetus was right at home. The two happened upon an arena of sorts, and stole the show in about an hour, slaughtering every enemy that came through the doors across from them.

This would catch the attention of a Templar who would employ them, along with her personal guard Merrick, to take a rather valueable package to a city in Gabriel.

The story continues in a week.
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