Lady Jezelle Kita Silverkin

"Thaind Meleth Hir-nin"
User: Tara
Campaign: Marlena's Angels
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Luckbender/11
Age: 17 years old
Hair: Very light, straight Blonde hair going to her lower back
Eyes: Light Blue
Skin: Pale
Height: 5’ 4”
Weight: 135 lbs
Body: Decently endowed with many curves (Hidden tattoos)

Paragon Path - Luckbender
Jezelle is starting to move on from the death of her first love, Lord Lawrence. She is turning her back on her noble title and moving forward as a distinguished sorceress. She is tired of having her life decided for her. She is starting to realize the power she holds in her magic. Though she knows she can never fully control her magic, she is learning how to manipulate it in her favor. She is ready to define her own fate by bending reality to her will. Don’t bother telling the odds to a person with luck on their side.
Lady Jezelle was born on an otherwise uneventful day in Toleth, on Sehanathon the thirteenth. Lady Rossalyn and Lord Draven Silverkin were very pleased with the easy and healthy birth. There was no sign that this child was anything but normal. She was destined to be the only girl in a family with five sons. Her four older brothers: Josiah, Furi, Vidanio, Wesley and her younger brother Demetri. Her family’s wealth and nobility came from Lord Draven’s talent to sell almost anyone minor magic items. Once his wealth started to increase, he decided to open up shop. Lord Draven opened up the Residuum Emporium in Toleth shortly after Furi was born. He hired the shopkeeper Embet after running the shop himself for a few years. Jezelle was a welcome addition to the family since Lord Draven had always wanted a little girl. Lady Rossalyn on the other hand saw the young Jezelle as a burden to raise and marry off.
Before she was five years old, it became obvious to everyone that she was not going to be a normal child. A simple temper tantrum seemed to cause shockwaves around her. The family was at first quite alarmed. Lord Draven was a beaming papa when it was discovered that his great grandfather had been a sorcerer. Lady Rossalyn was happy that a daughter with magic would be easier to marry off. Once word got around that Lady Jezelle had magic in her blood, the offers of marriage began to pour in. Lady Rossalyn was ecstatic that the hard part of raising a daughter would be over with. Then the wealthiest and most influential man in town, Lord Bartholomew Gwynn, offered/demanded an arranged marriage with is eldest son of seventeen, Lord Lawrence Gwynn; an offer that could not be refused. Lord Draven did not trust this agreement but conceded since Lady Rossalyn would hear none of it.
Jezelle was raised and educated with the sole goal of being a noble’s perfect wife. She came to have an excellent memory for historic events and notable figures. Jezelle also became known for her pianist skills. Her mannerisms and pride reflect her noble education from her mother and tutors. She was taught to always walk tall and to never look at the ground if it could be helped. She was to always maintain eye contact with those she was speaking with so as to show no fear or lack of pride. Her mother tried to downplay the education of her daughter in sorcery since it was “unlady-like”. Unbeknownst to her mother and known to her father, her piano tutor was also her mentor in sorcery. Amicus taught Jezelle how to control her magic and concentrate it into actual spells. Though she often had a bit of mystery in her spells’ outcomes, she did learn to control basic direction and power very well.
She grew up happy and close with her younger brother, Demetri, and her father. Both often referred to her as “Kitty” when no one else was around to play off her middle name. They were the only people that encouraged her to be able to defend herself and thus encouraged her to train with Amicus. Her father instilled in her a sense of kindness and a need to put others before herself. He did not want the spoiled brat that her mother was trying to turn her into.
As Lady Jezelle turned 15, the wedding preparations began. She had always had formal and supervised meetings with her betrothed throughout her childhood. She always had a crush on the charismatic and charming Lord Lawrence. Though there was an age gap, the two fell deeply in love over the years. She was overjoyed that in less than a week, she would be married to her love! At the last meeting before their wedding, Lord Lawrence gifted to her silver and white crystal earrings. She wore them around town with pride that day on the ninth of Pholia. She shopped with her stewardess in one of her usual blue gowns. That is when she caught the eye of a traveling King. Noting that this man was nobility, she curtsied and went on with her shopping. She knew not what she had done.
She came home later that day to find the noble man in her home speaking with her parents. Her father did not look at all pleased, but her mother was positively glowing. She went to her room and waited with unease to hear what her mother was so pleased about. Her mother came to her room and announced that her wedding to Lord Lawrence had been cancelled and that a new wedding to King Rodot of the Kingdom of Swarth would be planned. Jezelle was horrified but kept this to herself. She graciously accepted the hug from her mother and then watched as Lady Rossalyn almost skipped from the room. She passed on dinner that night and wept to herself in the privacy of her bedroom. What was she to do when she loved another? She threw on her most plebian dress, the gift from Lord Lawrence, and a small bag of coins and fled her home. She knew not where she was going but knew she could not marry another man. As she traveled “underground”, rumors reached her of Lady Jezelle’s kidnapping. Saddened with regret and doubts but determined not to embarrass her family, she headed out to start a new life in Kharn. Maybe one day she can return and marry the man she loves, but when will that be?