Sigrid Helgudottir Sildhamar

"There has to be more to life than money."
User: Sam
Campaign: Waterdeep
Race: Gold Dwarf
Gender: Female
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Knight/1
Physical Description
As with all Gold Dwarves Sigrid is shorter than the more common dwarves found in Waterdeep. She is approximately four feet tall, and possibly just as wide. That width shouldn't be mistaken for fat. She's nearly all muscle in that small package. Her skin is light brown and her hair is chestnut brown with some gray streaks. She is in her early 20s.

She is a bit more carefree than most of her Sildhamar clan members... which means she's a LOT more carefree than the typical Waterdhavian dwarf. This is likely due to growing up in Calimshan amongst so many humans and genasi.

Unlike her mother, Sigrid is not good with numbers. It's part of the reason why she often wonders what's the point of money. Especially the obsessive counting of money that her mother tends to do (of course, one must understand that any counting of money is considered obsessive by Sigrid).

This is also the reason why she was often given the tasks that required muscle instead of brains. It's not that she's an idiot (though some in the clan would contest you on that). It's that she simply has no facility with money and the dealings thereof. Eventually, much to her mother's chagrin, it became clear that Sigrid would never become the merchant queen that she dreamed she would be.
Sigrid is a member of the Sildhamar Clan. She was born to Helga Gudrundottir and Kelik Almason 22 years ago in the city of Calimport.

She grew up in a caravan always hearing her elders speak of the sea with a reverence she never quite understood. "Who cares about the sea when you can do so much on land anyway", but talk like that would get you smack to the ears.

Her family and her entire clan are traders and merchants, but she never had a head for numbers. So she learned other things that needed doing on a caravan. She felt happiest when she worked up a sweat loading wagons or running messages.

It was her father, Kelik, that let her stand guard with him when the caravan was camped at an oasis. The guarding was boring, but playing with the helm and the dagger was anathema to boredom. After she helped him take down a genasi theif... he realized she needed to be able to defend herself. Helga agreed, especially seeing how war was tearing Calimshan apart. Better for her to grow up fast or be sorry for it later.

With mother's approval, Kelik took to teaching her everything he knew. And when he didn't know, he enlisted the aid of others in the clan. By the time Sigrid was 14, she was as good a guard as anyone. By the time she was 18, she was better than all of them. What she lacked in math and trading intelligence, she overcompensated in physical prowess. The boys in the clan quickly learned never to tease her.

Despite finding her true calling, something was missing. She didn't really feel at home with her clan. They were all smarter than her. They could all haggle a beggar out of his alms cup. But her, not all. She was friendly and gregarious sure, but she just didn't seem to fit in.

In her last few years in Calimport, she did what she could to protect the clan. However, the deal The Captain had struck with the genasi ensured there wasn't much to protect. The caravan almost always sailed through to its destination.

Frankly, she was bored. So she spent all her time practicing. She found books with different fighting styles, and spent hours each day following the images.

A few years later the Sildhamar Clan slipped out of the port in Almraiven and set sail heading north. Apart from the first day she wore her father's helm and wielded his dagger like a sword, it was quite possibly the best day of her life. While you can certainly do a lot on land, the sea was filled with possibility. And each time they docked in a new port was an adventure unto itself.

Sigrid has been in Waterdeep a few months now. She's loving it. She's already had to run down a few thieves, and she got into a fight with one of them that she nearly lost. Lucky for her the guards came just in time. But that didn't faze her one bit... she dusted herself off, went back to the ship and started practicing again.