Belrin Vard

"What? It could work!!!!"
User: Dave
Campaign: Ruins of Arth
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Thief/3
Belrin is tall and stocky for a Halfling (a towering 3’6”). He’s fond of well-made clothes, though as a nod to his profession, he tends to prefer subdued colors (the better to blend into the crowd). He’s unusually strong for one of his race, and often uses that to his advantage when he is underestimated. He’s generally calm and happy-go-lucky, even in a crisis, and prefers wisecracks in a fight to threats or curses. He doesn’t take offense often, and will generally let things slide… but he doesn’t forget. When someone’s karma takes a turn for the worse, he’s happy to be the hand that drives the blade home. He enjoys searching for and finding valuables, but it’s more about keeping score than anything. He has lost much in his life, but only the companions he’s lost ever bothered him much.
Belrin grew up in a typical, quiet Halfling community. He apprenticed to a dyer, and was shaping up to be a respectable young man. It was then that the town was sacked by raiders. Belrin was among the few that escaped with his life (but little else). He made his way to the nearest settlement (a sizable human city), and found himself recruited by the local Thieves guild. He applied himself diligently to his work, and became quite skilled. He grew to deeply despise ‘unsanctioned’ thievery, such as the type that destroyed his hometown. He developed a strong code of honor, involving loyalty to his band, limiting thefts to the rich and corrupt (or whatever happens to be lying around unclaimed), and always honoring a contract (if made in good faith). Eventually, he found himself taking greater and greater risks… looking for greater challenges in life. Rather than endanger his band, he is considering taking a leave of absence, and contracting his services to an appropriate adventuring party.
Official Contract:

I, Belrin Vard (sneak, cutpurse, burglar, and troubleshooter), pledge my skills to the party of Adric Wymarc, Clive Doubletree, "Lucky" Jack Nealton, and Tessel Van Deeker. I agree to the following:

  • I will scout for threats, and spy on our foes
  • I will seek out and disable traps and snares, even at significant personal risk
  • I will open locks and chests, clearing the way to treasure
  • I will share all personal gains evenly with the party
  • I will refrain from 'acquiring' the belongings of passersby, except in service of the party
  • I will provide support in combat... from an appropriate distance

I reserve the right to refuse missions I determine to be unjust. I am an honorable thief... not a ruthless bandit. If I fail to live up to these terms, I will forfeit all treasure acquired in the service of the party, and will leave at the earliest opportunity.