"People tend to lose things, often when their in plane sight."
User: Corp
Race: Changeling
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Rogue/11
Pale white smooth skin, devoid of any color. Eyes remain solid white gossy orbs. Hair is also winter white, grown shoulder length, and normally parted down the middle. Features are smooth and narrow, showing little definition.

Body structure is thin, lean, but overall very non muscular. Despite the lack of overal physical power, Tal`Orik is nearly unmatched in speed.

Clothing varies with identity. Currently Tal`Orik is garbed in the clothing and armor of a Merchant known as Eric Redsash. He wears lose fitting comforable clothing, with bright eye catching colors.
A Simple tool of the Inquisistion. Tal`Orik has spent his entire life being trained by The Inqusitors, in the art of impersination and assasination. He has honed his skill well, and has compleated many missions for the church.

All identies that he has assumed have been victoms of the Inquisition, or targets for his trade.
Tal`Orik no longer weilds the dagger known as mortis. The dagger had only brought Tal`Orik misfortune, and constant runins with the Inqusitors. Once Tal had discorered the dagger had a scrying spell on it, he sold it and left the legacy tool of death behind him.

Tal`Orik currently wields Sin. The blade is nearly midnight black in apperance, with murky dark fluid that constantly moves within the blade. Tal`Orik knows little about the blades history, or its overall worth. He simpily aquired the blade after taking Eric Redsashes identity, life, and possessions.

Current Identities:
Sir Bracheon Dendredal: Retired Knight Templar. His constant self investigations of the inqusistion landed him as a target. Idendity ComprimisedEdward Stone: Street Merchant. His actions of selling spices, street connections, and overall reputation were enough to make him a perfect identity from Tal`Orik. Identity Comprimised
Aven Theydrot Dragon Born warrior of consideralbe skill. His capture and interigation made him an easy identity to take. Identity Comprimised
Knight Captain Guhlan Guard Captain of Hevestar: His identity was taken after he was killed under a local bar known as the Minotar. He is a corrupt Templar with connections to a cult who worship a being known as the horned king. Identity Comprimised
Eric Redsash: Eric worked closely with the Inquisition as a merchant, and seller of information. He handed innocent people to the inquisistion, claiming they where devil worshipers, or corrupted. After their deaths, he would assume their wares and make money on deaths. Taking his identity was necissary...