"I am here to teach the arcane; I care nothing for your war."
User: Ktulu
Race: Eladrin
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Wizard (Istar)/2
Caeradwyn stands a solid six foot with a lean athletic build. His hair has a silvery-sheen to it, while his eyes are a brilliant shade of blue.

Caeradwyn dresses in expensive fey threads, often going at length to keep them in pristine condition. Most see this as nothing more than Eladrin pompousness; the real truth lies in his obsessive nature.
The Eladrin reside in the Court of Arborlon, within the Feywild. The Fey Court allied with the kingdom of Nerath and promised aid in the form of istar to instruct young Nerathi wizards.

Caeradwyn is one such istar. The latest in a long line of powerful istari; Caeradwyn has been selected to train the young adepts in the arcane arts.

From a young age, Caeradwyn showed an aptitude for magic beyond that of most Eladrin. He mastered the pilini' (magic missile) before he could skillfully walk.

As the youngest member of House Nailo, Caeradwyn received the Kheleb-Lor and was appointed house istar. When the Templars suffered their losses, he was selected to help re-populate their arcane ranks.

Caeradwyn is both honored and irritated at the nomination. He has little time for war and conflict; preferring to spend his time locating lost artifacts and discovering new spells. However, the minimum age for an Eladrin instructor is two-hundred years of age. At forty-for, he will be training human adepts; the youngest to ever be granted the Silver Star of Corellon -- the mark of an arcane master...

The youngest istar in house Nailo has always weilded Kehleb-lor. More than a mere magical longsword; it is a family heirloom.

It is not a powerful magic sword, yet it is arguably the most valuable in the Nailo family.

When an istar is of age, the sword is passed to them in a ceremony, and their mark is made upon the blade.

At the time of Caeradwyn's weilding, the blade has been held by nine of his relatives, from his grandmother Rhaine Nailo to his elder brother, Caermon.

An istar only carries the weapon as long as he or she needs; eventually returning to Arborlon and passing the weapon on to the next kinsman.