Vandalin Darkspire

User: Ryan
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Wizard/1
Vandalin is a human male of average height and thin build. His hair is golden blonde and is long enough to reach his shoulders but he always keeps it tied up in a short tail at the base of his skull. His eyes are bright blue but that can be hard to tell behind the crude spectacles he always wears. The spectacles appear to be slightly magical in nature because he puts them to his face but they stay in place without anything holding them there. Vandalin, unlike other wizards, wears comfortable traveling leathers with many straps and belts to hold his spell components, scrolls and writing materials. His spell book is attached to his belt by a rope and he has it on him at all times.
Vandalin is an individual who has risen above his roots to become something greater. His family was large and poor and filled with thieves, thugs and criminals of all types. There were many families like this, individuals simply trying to get by however they can in a world that is sometimes unfair. But Vandalin knew he was destined for greater things. On his own, he taught himself the basics of learning, reading and writing. And with the abilities he gained from being around his family, he was able to learn more and more by sneaking into libraries and universities and studying throughout the long nights. Eventually, he was able to use the knowledge he obtained to secure a place legally within an academy where he focused his studies on the obscure and magical. After many many years of study and practice, Vandalin had almost become a full-fledged wizard. He had only one task remaining before graduation and that was to make a contribution to the magical community. Vandalin, being the eccentric fellow he is, decided that something simple would not do. When he heard about the Silver Coin hiring adventurers to explore the weird lands of the west, he knew that this would be his way to make a mark on the magical world. He would go there and bring back evidence of vastly powerful magic that no one had ever seen.