User: Dave
Campaign: Ruins of Arth
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Warrior/6
Tessel came from a large family in a small rural town. She lived an average, boring life, until she caught the eye of a passing knight, and strangely, was recruited as his squire. The knight's goal eventually became apparent when he attempted to take certain liberties with his new charge. Tessel took this as a cue to find opportunities elsewhere.
Tessel isn't especially strong, agile, or intelligent. However, she is quite tough, and won't give up easily once she has set her mind to something. She doesn't make friends easily, but defends those she has fiercely.

She has a good grasp of basic battle tactics, and won't hesitate to use a cheap shot to get the upper hand in a fight. She favors the longsword and the mace.

Her current goal in life is to become strong enough to best the knight who wronged her. At that point she plans to return and disgrace him in front of his lord... or failing that, just kill him.