"LAAAAYYY-LA, you got me on my knees."
User: Perry
Campaign: Blood and Steel
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Druid/4
Tiger is a druid of the Circle of Moresh-Kannug (Moresh-Kannug being the goliath word for the hill-region south of Callidan. Typical among druids, other than the priests who regularly interact with outsiders in the temples of Layla, Tiger does not bathe or groom herself regularly. She prefers instead to let the muss of brownish-gray hair on her head become entangled and collect "natural gifts", such as leaves and brambles. Her armor is similarly styled to aid in blending in in wooded areas.

Tiger is old even by elf-standards, and is well respected among druids for her historical perspective.
Tiger's normal duties include leading the Circle in spirituals and providing advice on history and natural history to the druids of the Circle. The Circle has a temple on the borders of Morrison lands, where a druid can be found once a week, every week. However, this is not the primary meeting place of the Circle. That meeting place is a well-guarded secret among the druids of the Circle.
Tiger has recently been tracking the movements of imperial troops in the Moresh-Kannul, especially its wildlands, where the imperials seem increasingly willing to tread not-so-lightly in order to set ambushes and such. The druids are most worried about the fire artillery that the imperials have been using recently, as it is loud and endangers natural habitats.