Sorrow Silverleaf

"Justice is determined by a moral code. Morals are dictated by those in power. Let us create our own justice. That shall be the measure of our strength."
User: Matt
Campaign: Elydrith
Race: Eladrin
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Warlock/10
Sorrow is a High elf. Her lithe, slender form stands at 5'6, and weighs in at 135 Lbs. She has long black hair that falls in ringlets past her waist, and a pale complexion commonly found in Moon elves. Her pouty red lips dominate her facial features, on the edge of a sneer even when she smiles, and her eyes have a dangerous glint to them.

She often wears red and black dresses, sometimes divided for travel or riding. She wears deep crimson lip dye, and has a chain circlet around her forehead bearing the emblem of Corellon.

Sorrow has a fun and flighty personality, but is self absorbed and manipulative. she thinks that the ends justify the means, if those ends serve her. She holds herself above men especially, and it is difficult for others to gain her respect. She has a bit of a mean streak, but isn't afraid to use her feminine wiles if she needs.
Sorrows true and official name is Princess Ophelia, of house Silverleaf. She was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth by an elderly woman named Drisel, who served as royal nanny for King Dayereth. She never truly knew her mother, and her father only speaks of her briefly and vaguely.

She grew up isolated from the people of the kingdom, never having an desire to walk among them or share in their troubles. Instead she filled her time with books, and with playing malicious tricks on those she viewed as beneath her. She earned a reputation for being narcissistic and cruel among the citizens. They began calling her Princess Sorrow, for they saw her actions for what they were; the misbehaving of a lonely

For whatever reasons she identified with this new name strongly, and insisted that she be called Sorrow by the serving staff and her father. Her father would have none of it, and became increasingly at a loss for what to do with the girl.

Eventually he sent her away to the north, to a sister nation of Eladrin Mages. He hoped that here she would find a passion for magic, something she had shown great aptitude for. She left home to study there when she was 13. Her natural talent astounded many of the mages there, and to her their simpleton philosophies and arcana were not worth her time. Still, they had a vast collection of texts, and she found them to be of great interest.

Here she learned of an ancient method of spellcasting. The way of the Warlock. Originally warlocks had made pacts with dark entities, vowing subservience in exchange for power. Eventually the elves learned a new, less brutal way. They developed techniques for "touching" the essence of these primal forces, and utilizing their power without giving up your soul. This method was eventually abandoned, as the elves grew into their own natural talent for spellcasting.

The way of the Warlock intrigued Sorrow, and she learned all that she could of these ancient powers. She discovered that certain entities were not primordial, but in fact were the spirits of powerful mortals who had, upon passing over, become Vestiges. It was a painless and easy process to gain access to their powers, and Sorrow began her journey as a warlock.

She studied with the mages for seven years before she decided to leave. She took with her a few artifacts that she liberated from the mages storerooms, and traveled back to her fathers keep. Upon arriving she remembered why she had been so anxious to get away. She grew restless under the tight fisted leadership of her father, and began to think of leaving once again. she mentioned this to him once, and he said he would not allow it. he told her of her responsibilities as princess, and that he was not going to live forever.

Sorrow stayed at the castle, again isolating herself from the happenings in the city. she trained hard for several months, until a group of travelers arrived unexpectedly in the keep.

The rest is history.