"Only once did they insult the art in my swordsmanship."
User: Mitch
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class: Ronin / Duelist / Magistrate / Samurai
Born: 1176
Age: 16
Theme song:SPYAIR - Samurai Heart
Imperial Herald ID: 45927-12699

Meiyo is a master diplomat and one of the most skilled duelist in the Empire. He is tall and slender, quick and agile, moving with graceful ease and poise. He is quick to laugh and showed emotion in private, but in public he is cool, calm and controlled. With short hair dyed white in the common style of the Crane. His eyes are ice blue, sharp and cold. His voice is the most notable thing about him, being deep and resonant, having been carefully practiced for a long time. When he spoke it was clear he had considered his words. It was rumored that this would often lead to him being called upon by the Emperor to compose impromtu poetry. When he is stressed he is known to become a typical hot headed samurai, eager to test his skills at any imagined insult or dishonor. [/FONT]

[FONT="Papyrus;">Known Family:
Great Great Great Grandfather: Kakita Toshimo
>Great Great Grandfather: Kakita Toshimoko
-->Great Grandfather: Kakita Ichiro
---->Grandmother: Kakita Mai (Married In)
---->Grandfather: Kakita Noritoshi (Adopted by Seppun Toshiken)
------>Father: Kakita Ichiro II
-->Great Grandaunt: Seppun Jifuhime (Not by blood, Married In, Adopted Grandmother)
-->Great Granduncle: Seppun Toshiken (Adopted Grandfather)
---->3rd Cousin: Seppun Sajiro (Adopted Uncle)
---->3rd Cousin: Seppun Ishiko (Adopted Aunt)
---->3rd Cousin: Kakita Atoshi (Adopted Uncle)
If there is an individual of importance anywhere in the Empire, then it may be safely assumed he has a close friend, advisor, or perhaps a bride that is a Crane. This is how the Crane maintain their ruthless grip on the social and political world of Rokugan: they make themselves indispensable to all others who wield power. It is an act that comes naturally to the Crane, as they are the followers and descendants of the Lady Doji, said by many to be the first Hantei’s most beloved sibling, and the Kami responsible for creating the social and political institutions of Rokugan’s courts and society. As a result, the Crane have a perfect understanding of every nuance and facet of politics. Because they have such exceptional command over the courts, their duty to the Emperor is to maintain the Empire’s social harmony, to ensure Rokugan always has art and beauty and civilization, a task that has earned the clan the appellation Left Hand of the Emperor.

Because of the duties they perform for the Empire, the Crane have vastly more courtiers and artisans among their ranks than any other clan. Even those among their ranks who eschew politics and diplomacy, their dedicated warriors and pious priests, are generally impeccable in appearance and demeanor. This is simply a facet of the clan’s emphasis on their eternal duty. Those who are not specifi cally called upon to fulfi ll it are still trained not to violate it in any way. The unfortunate side effect of this emphasis is that there are many among the Crane who are guilty of arrogance and condescension toward other clans. Over the years this has gained the clan many enemies, and the dominance in court they usually enjoy has probably been the only thing that has prevented their enemies from destroying them. On a more personal level, individual Crane often find themselves the target of others’ animosity in court. Fortunately, the clan’s bushi school produces the Empire’s greatest masters of iaijutsu, the formal dueling system used to resolve disputes, ensuring that those who challenge the Crane in court are frequently proven in the wrong. It comes as no surprise that the most valued tenet of Bushido to the Crane is Courtesy, since is it both their weapon of choice and their preferred defense against their foes.

Lady Doji was a woman of incredible beauty, grace, and foresight, and correctly anticipated many of the diffi culties her clan would face as a result of their duties for the Emperor. As a result, she was careful to recruit followers who would be able to deal with such shortcomings, and the ruling Doji family that bears her name continues her tradition of careful planning and accurate assessment. The Kakita, who bear her husband’s name, traditionally excel as both the Empire’s fi nest duelists and as artisans. The Daidoji, the name granted to one of Lady Doji’s younger sons after his incredible feat of heroism in recovering the lost sword of his older sister from the Shadowlands, are least like the Crane ideal, but are stalwart warriors and yojimbo who defend the Doji against all threats, as their name (“Defender of Doji”) signifi es. The Asahina family joined the clan centuries after its founding, after a renegade Phoenix Master of Fire married into the clan in amends for his rampage in their lands. Early in the clan’s history, they were served by the wily
Yasuki as well, but that family defected to the Crab Clan in the fourth century, contributing to the endless hard feelings between the two clans.

The lands controlled by the Crane are some of the most extensive and productive of any clan’s, again owing to their close relationship with the Emperor. Virtually every resource required is produced within the Crane lands, save for some of the more uncommon ores and minerals, and they trade well with other clans. It is no wonder that the Crane are among the wealthiest of clans, and have the most well-attended courts, given the beauty and rich resources of their home provinces.

Family Line: Kakita

Founding: The history of the Kakita family began with Kakita, who had five children with Lady Doji. Each of the children were given the freedom to choose their surname at their gempukku - either Doji, after their mother, or Kakita, from their father's line. Only one chose his father's name, Kakita Shimizu, who was the founder of the Kakita household and its first Daimyo.

History: The style of Kakita became the famed Kakita Iaijutsu school, and he passed on his knowledge to any who had the ability and discipline to learn. He created their first dojo, and taught his students the way of honorable combat. All of his five children excelled at dueling, and his son Kakita Shimizu became the first Iaijutsu Master of the Kakita Dueling Academy. Training in the school was hard, and graduates of the school have become some of the finest duelists in Rokugan's history. Since it's founding each Emperor had also sent their sons to study both the physical and intellectual teachings of the school

Kakita Dueling Academy
The Kakita Dueling Academy was the most renowned swordsmanship school in Rokugan. Exemplifying the Crane Clan's constant pursuit for excellence, students of the Kakita Dueling Academy studied iaijutsu to perfection. The Dueling Academy was a subsection of the Kakita Academy.

History: The origins of the Dueling Academy lay with Kakita himself. The first followers of Kakita learned his style from him directly, but after his death the class could not remain where it was. The Lady Doji would visit less and less as seeing the students practicing her husband's style caused her great pain. Not wanting to offend her, the students moved their training facility, creating the Kakita Dueling Academy. The dojo was relocated to relatively unfertile lands and even with a lack of seasoned troops stationed there the school never suffered a major assault. During the Clan War and War of Spirits it served as a rally point for refugees. Since the school's founding, every Emperor had sent his sons to the Kakita to study the art of war and personal combat.

"[FONT="Papyrus"]I saw a dead man dancing once,
His body twisted and in pose.
And somehow despite the fact-
That he was obviously quite dead
by some odd unknown fancy
I felt terribly compelled to act.
With a flash I swung my blade.
the Dancing dead man danced no more.[/FONT]
Here you will know how many battle I have entered,
every time I was victorious,and every time I was defeated.

Total Victories: 0
Total Defeats: 0
Win percentage: 0
Honor-less Foes Defeated: 15