Armand de Novee

User: Brian
Campaign: Jade Regent
Race: Varisian
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Rogue (Rake)/Rogue 3, Samurai 1
Armand stands tall with jet black longish hair, sporting a mustache and has olive skin. Normally wearing loose fiting varisian clothes with leather vest.
Prefers red shirts and deep green pants.
From an old house of gypsies that have been part of the Varisian world for hundreds of years, the de Novee family has been on the move. They find that they cannot stay in one place for any length of time, whether that is a curse or a blessing depends on the family member.
He has not seen his sister in a few years as his mother and her are with a differant travelling caravan in Varisia.
Eldest son of the Novee household, he know carries his fathers family signet ring. His sister is Vivette de Novee.
Armand has been a good friend of Sandru Vishki since they were young.