Armand Fosterton

"Her blaze of glory means I live and you burn!"
User: Joshua
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Sorcerer (Elementalist [Fire])/6

Armand Fosterton is a bit unconventional. Let's just say he was thinking of a, "Her blaze of glory means I live and you burn!" option for the end of civilization, when the world actually went Zombie Apocalypse.

Armand is that kind of person who should be shunned, but attracts people [Bluff, Diplomacy] "like moths to a flame." His "crazy" rig instead of scaring off others, has caused others to want to hang with him [Champion of the Bloody Circle.] People just want to tell him things so they can hang with one of "the cool ones" [Streetwise.] However, when he doesn't get his way, his disposition can shift quite fiery from charming to threatening [Intimidate.] For instance, calling him "Sparky" is a risk to that person's life!

This mainly came from his (divorced) father teaching him the ways of the "militia" doing anything to please the "man in charge" until you get what you need to "quietly screw them over until the day of reckoning comes and we blow em all to hell and we run things!"

Even though his mother did everything she could with divorce and restraining orders, the seeds of his love of fire were set when he learned about "controlled burns" from one of his father's "survival training" weekends. Ironically, mixing his formula is one of the few things he can do well even though he doesn't fully understand other chemistry things [Arcana.] While not physically strong, Armand can last for a very long time without needing food, water or sleep, including carrying his "outfit" of his gun and clothes. [Endurance.] He wasn't that fast, so made sure his wind sprints improved his reflexes [Lightning Reflexes.]

Armand uses a bi-chemical compound (when mixed becomes flammable) and his aerosol weapon of choice is a modified (re-enforced non-meltable compound instead of plastic) super soaker with a huge "water" backpack for the "tank". The name of his weapon is "Drew" (yes that actress from that movie.) "Drew" is modified so the trigger is toggle-able (dual nested triggers like a sniper rifle) from an instant lit (A modified lighter ignition from a Zippo) when triggered, to non-lit and sprayable. (This will allow the bolt and burst/blast options of said powers. [Fire Elemental Bolt, Ignition.]) Such a design means "Drew's" accuracy can damage a just-hit target better (while it burns hotly) [Arcane Spellfury.] Thanks to both his father's teachings and his own "personal burn tests," Armand is able to attack with "Drew" as accurately as if he were trained militarily with an "authentic flame thrower," and does not show any personal vulnerable areas, even when blasting "Drew" in physical combat. While he does not like to do so, "Drew" can even be used as an makeshift bludgeoning weapon (without structural damage) should all else fail [Staff Expertise.]

Once in an encounter, he can "tweak" "Drew's" range to "splash over" an additional enemy, before it requires recalibration to do it again [Elemental Esclation, Fire.] While this only works once before re-calibration, it does allow "Drew's" subsequent attacks to damage more [Arcane Reserves.]

Hanging on his cammo clothing, backpack and hooked strategically elsewhere, he carries bottles of a substance that can "flare" if struck. Due to his chemically treated clothing and quick-burn ignition, this will not hurt him, provide a temporary defense, and burn damage for a few moments in an encounter, until it goes inert/consumed and he can re-shuffle more after a short rest [Dragonflame Mantle.] The container's contents can also be sprayed out in a close blast [3] to cause difficult terrain in an encounter, but (besides staying slippery for the encounter) becomes inert if not held in a closed container [Slow Pursuit.] It (almost) goes without saying Armand has enough of these chemicals for a small army, but hey, that's why you have a cookout after surviving the end of the world!