Kenet Horne

User: Andy
Campaign: Fallen Lands
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Magic User/1st
Kenet wears her dull brown hair with a long braid down her back and bangs cut square and kept just long enough to cover the spray of smallpox scars across her forehead. Over that hair, she wears a fillet cap covered in mystical runes sewn roughly in with coarse white thread.

She stands just over 5 feet tall with large, shapeless breasts hidden beneath her woolen shirt with square wooden buttons. She is also wearing woolen leggings and thick soled leather boots. Over it all, she wears a white linen kirtle with side laces and several pockets sewn onto the front to hold various magical components. In one of those pockets, she always keeps a liberal supply of candied fennel and anise seeds which she chews throughout the day in an effort to combat her bad breath.

Aiding her walk is a wooden staff almost as tall as she is. This piece of Hawthorn wood has a spiral carved shaft with a roughly hewn ram's head with large curved horns at its top and a black iron ferrule protecting its end.
Kenet Horne grew up in the small hamlet of Lor's Folly without knowing her father. Her mother, Marit, constantly filled her head with stories of the absent man, a great wizard from Canaladaer Keep.

According to Marit, she was 15 when he showed up on a dark and stormy night, his velvet robe soaked through. Over a warm meal and stout wine, he told her of his brave exploits as a master mage of the Keep. He was traveling incognito on a top secret mission. He said his name was Trond the Thaumaturge and she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.

Perhaps it was the wine or maybe just the starry-eyed naivete of a young country girl, but he took her virginity that night and was gone before she woke up in the morning. It wasn't until two months later she realized she was pregnant.

She called her daughter Kenet, meaning Born of Fire, in honor of the pyrotechnical might the mage had described to her. In honor of what Marit saw as her daughter's great heritage, she saved all of her money--from the wool of her sheep, from the dye-making, and any other side job she could take--in order to pay a hedge wizard who came through the village once a month to train Kenet in the arcane arts.

Kenet was raised on stories of her heritage and her powerful father in the Keep, her mother assuring her that she'd find a home alongside him when she was ready to leave Lor's Folly. Whenever she was ready to leave, though, her mother would "get sick" or have a "crisis," so she stayed and studied hedge magicks and helped Marit find the flowers, fruits, and minerals necessary for her dyes.

When she was 30, her mother finally died, whispering to the end about the welcome she would get at the Keep from her father and her fellow mages. After taking a few weeks to sell off her mother's sheep and the rest of her dyes, Kenet set off for Canaladaer Keep now that her mother no longer needed her.

When she arrived, however, she soon learned Marit's stories were just stories. The mages had never heard of Trond and there was no need for any arcanist to ever leave the tower on a "top secret" mission. The wizard she spoke to didn't laugh, but couldn't hide the mirth in his eyes.
XP Bonus: 10%

Str: 8
Dex: 13
Con: 16
Int: 17
Wis: 14
Cha: 4 (after Skull penalty of 3 points)


Neutral Good

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral