User: Annie
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Defender
Class: Fighter
Lumi is of deceptively average appearance. Average height and build for a human woman, with long, dark hair, deep brown eyes, and fair skin. Out of her heavy armor, Lumi wouldn't stand out in a crowd. However, when fully armed, Lumi's appearance draws the enemy's gaze - and ire - away from her comrades.
A mercenary knight, Lumi is of humble beginnings. She adventured for years with her partner, Dreth, and now grieves his loss. She prays to Avandra that her travels might one day lead her back to him.

She traveled to Ragesia from distant shores, seeking new adventures with her partner Dreth. After only a short time in the land she found herself swept up in the fight against the evil Ragesian empire. Though Lumi did not initially know what led to Dreth's sudden and mysterious disappearance, she has recently learned that his absence is the fault of the Ragesian scourge. She hopes desperately to find a way to strike a fatal blow at the empire's armies and dreaded Inquisitors, so that she might somehow find and recover her lost love.
Lumi tends to be quiet and somewhat reserved. Though never one to shy away from combat, she prefers to have consensus with her party before engaging enemies. During battle she fearlessly defends her allies, barreling into the thick of combat. She is fiercely loyal and sensitive to the struggles of common folk.

Due to her parties' trials in Ragesia, she is becoming increasingly paranoid about the Trilliths and uses a magical lens to try to discern the true nature of nearly every new creature she meets.
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