"From the wilds, I triumph!"
User: Joshua
Race: Half-Dwarf (Mul)
Gender: Female
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Shaman/4

Callia stands 5'8" and 250 Lbs. She incorporates the best of enduring for both human and dwarf, but identifies with her dwarf side more. She has a thousand mile stare often on her face representing the hard survival then slavery she suffered for decides before "escaping" here.

Callia was born to the wastlands of Athas. Like many other Mul of her kind, she was captured and enslaved for hard labor. Slavery was most of her life, barely any memory of what was before remained.

Then, she was enveloped by a strange mist, and ended up in this cold foggy land.

She ran, and lived in the paradise the other beings called the "woods." Compared to utter slavery or nearly dying from starvation in the desert, she was in paradise.

Callia also found she had an affinity to speak to the spirits of nature. For the first time in a long time, somebody could hear them! They adopted Callia and taught her the ways of nature, and how to navigate underground locations. She protected and defended nature as best as she could, over the years, becoming an icon of nature's protector. She learned how to summon the great bear spirit, and even incorporated her spirit powers into her own in this plane of dread.

But can she survive long enough when others notice her power and presence?